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Witch is an AoE machine-gun-turret. There is zero down time between her AoE spells so there is never a moment where she isn’t discharging massive AoE damage. Of the 5 starting classes, Witch is the best at farming thanks to her large quantity of AoE spells. However, Witch can’t be considered as a true ranged class as many of her strongest skills are close-ranged. Witch is surprisingly mobile when combining her innate teleport ability and her move-speed buffs. But her lack of in-combat mobility is what holds her back from being considered as a truly mobile class as all her spells requires her to be stationary when casting. Unfortunately due to her long cast-times and slow-moving spells combined with her in-ability to move while casting, she is considered one of the worst arena classes in korea.

Awakening Class: Arch Mage

Absolute Class: Arch Magician

Class Rating

AreaRating ( 0 - 10 )
PvE farming10
PvE boss7

Skill Priority

Skill NameLevelExplanationPvE PvPBoss
Arcane Bolts1Decent damage against single target/bosses but not very
useful in PvP as it is too easy to dodge. I also don't use this
skill in farming as I find Lightning chain to be the superior
mana skill
Fireball1Jack-of-all trades skill. While not the best skill in any category
it is none-the-less the bread and butter skill of the witch and is
useful in many situations
Dagger Stab4Range is too short, not worth using15th15th15th
Frigid Fog7Large AoE freeze with high %damage, very useful in both PvP
& farming
Storm of Magic10High %damage melee AoE skill, great for farming but I prefer
Magical Embrace for PvP
Whirlwind14Long cast-time, small AoE &, easy to dodge13th11th14th
Lightning Storm18Amazing AoE skill but dragged down by long cast-time and
long cool-down
Entangle22High %damage over-time melee AoE skill that sounds great
on paper but usually other spells will kill the mobs before it
can do its job and it is difficult to keep targets in range of the
spell so ultimately it rarely performs to its full potential



Frozen Orb27High %damage but unfortunately has a long cast-time &
moves extremely slow so usually by the time it arrives, the
mobs are usually already killed by other skills
Thunderbolt31High %damage AoE with short cool-down & hard cc. This
skill is a keeper for farming, PvP, & bossing
Healing Aura36Healing skill, must have for farming. Good for any situation1st7th8th
Magical Embrace40High %damage melee AoE skill with cc. Good for both farming
& PvP
Lightning Chain45Low %damage but makes up for it with high # of hits & the
enormous hit box (can hit mobs from a mile away)
Time Warp50Move-speed is capped at 20% which is fairly easy to obtain
so this skill is irrelevant in most cases
Meteor Shower55Extremely high %damage nuke with DoT. The only draw-back
is the long cast-time and long cool-down

-High damage class with decent mobility

-Teleport is superior to the rolling of the other 4 classes

-Lots of AoE, great for farming

-Lots of cc skills

-Amazing in mass pvp like node wars and even 3v3s


-Lacks single target damage

-Lack of mobility skills other than teleport

-Bad in arena

-Not fully ranged, it is necessary to use the close-ranged spells to make full use of her kit

-Can’t move while casting spells

-Susceptible to cc


-For branch damage go with either Aal or Labreve, both covers 3 important skills

-Make use of her melee spells! They are actually her highest %damage skills

-You have to combo her spells correctly to cc-lock the enemy. Not all cc can chain with each other

-My 2 favorite cc combos: Frigid fog -> Entangle -> Magical Embrace 3x and Thunderbolt -> Meteor Shower


Writer: Cat Daddy (Chris)

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