Whale Guide to 6/6


We’ll be taking a look into the key units to 6/6 (max ultimate). There are a few units that come from both banner and coin shop that change the game drastically. We’ll going into a bit more detail to why they’re important and if you should consider maximizing their ultimate. This is a guideline. Global meta may be different to JP depending on the release schedule of the banners and stamps for these heroes.

There are other units with viability to 6/6 for PvP or niche comps but I have omitted these units due to how quickly they were phased out in JP.

Essential 6/6 Units (Banner)

Red Deriri

She’ll be the Guild Boss Queen because of her passive which if stacked up will out do almost every unit in the game.

Her S2 provides evasion and increase stats buff (50% stats). This is one of best stat booster abilities in the game. Her skill 2 does not stack with Gowther’s golden rank up buff (20% stats).

Her passive stacks with Gowther passive so it works great 🙂


Lost Vane Meliodas

One half of the PvP Kings. Netmarble released him to add more spice into PvP but they accidentally over-tuned his ultimate.

His “arcane damage” ignores elements and can do an insane amount of damage at 6/6.

Netmarble has been slowly trying to balance him out by releasing strong counters but he still stands on top.

Goddess Elizabeth

She was Netmarble’s answer to how to fix LV Meli. 

Fortunately for us, she also hard counters almost every other comp because of her skill 2 which negates skill effects on cards completely. (Pierce, LV meli “arcane damage”, Amplify, Dissolve and etc.)

Her S1 rank 2 is a single target stun. Her ult can heal for 70% and can reflect up to 120% damage back at 6/6. Her passive is an instant revive that revives the first unit that dies or the left most unit if multiple units die to an AOE.


Coin Shop Units

Red Escanor

The one who stands above them all. He’s pretty much the green Escanor except instead of immunity, he gains a 3 turn buff that makes him unkillable.

You have to strip his buff or CC him down otherwise he will not die.

He also has an AOE dissolve which is why he’s annoying to fight.


Green Estarossa

Estarossa is one of the most fun units that came out in JP. He’s a breath of fresh air to an almost stale ult comp or pierce comp meta.

He turns PvP into a guessing game and re-balances the taunt ability.

He’s not as essential as Red Escanor but is definitely worth the investment with any spare platinum coins you have saved.


OC Units

Blue Lilia

She is the steroids that balances pierce up to full power. She increases all units pierce rate by half of her own.

She stays relevant because of her AOE dissolve similar to Red Escanor.

Her 6/6 ultimate can hit like a truck and her skill 2 is identical to King’s heal.


Max Whale ONLY

Green Fraudrin

The other half of the PvP kings.

He will stay relevant for the entirety of the meta shifts because his S2 rank 2 is an AOE buff removal.

His passive also prevents units from gaining Ultimate Gauge for 2 turns. The catch 22 is that he needs to be max invested on to stay relevant. This means you’ll need to 6/6 and max invest UR stamps otherwise he’ll be less effective.

by Arfz
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