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V4 is the next highly anticipated MMO that not only boasts an open world adventure with various classes, but real-time PvP, large scale interserver dimensional rifts, 300 player field bosses, and more! Here is a starter guide on things you should be aware of before plunging into the game like leveling up, combat power, and class rankings.

Leveling up

The fastest way to level up is by pushing through the Main Quest. It should be fairly easy to push until Level 56. 

Here are important levels you should look out for:

  • Level 50 → Can start using Trading Post (sell unwanted gear/extra potions/unused skill books; exchange in game gold for cash currency)
  • Level 56 → Around where main quest stops
    • Leveling up slows down until Level 60
  • Level 60 → Main quest continues

Despite there being Side Quests, most of them are just time consuming and not recommended to do if you are trying to level up fast. You can do Side Quests after you hit around Level 56.

Increasing Combat Power

Manastone Engraving

The following are methods to increase Combat Power:

  1. Manastone engraving: this is the main method of increasing Combat Power and should be filled immediately as you obtain resources
  2. Monster investigation: when you defeat a monster you get a “monster trace,” which you then can analyze. Raise each to Level 1, then after you finish up main quest at Level 56 raise more continue raising them.
  3. Equipment collection: collect equipment and get stats
  4. Opening potential: in the menu there will be a fire icon, where there will be items you can add equipment to level up, which then increases stats (use the left over equipment from equipment collection)
  5. Upgrade equipment
  6. Soul stone: from field hunting → can upgrade which can give stats
  7. Enchanted old book: only to be used with glory equipment or higher tier equipment

The following is a guideline for what the average Combat Power should be per Level.

  • Level 50: 35,000-50,000
  • Level 60:50,000 – 70,000
  • Level 66: 70,000 – 80,000
  • Level 70: 100,000 – 180,000


There are 6 different classes that you can choose to play from. The classes are ranked by popularity and performance.

1. Slayer: melee, alternates between double sword and one handed sword, good performance in PVE and PVP, also not bad for F2P’s

2. Gunslinger: long distance, fast hunting speed, alternates between pistol and rifle so has 2 sets of skills

3. Enchantress: long distance, fast hunting speed, excellent class to use if you are F2P, cool down for skills (period where you can’t use skills)

4. Knight: tanker/dealer, but DMG is low for a dealer

5. Boomblade: slow skills, mediocre performance

6. Warlord: tanker, slow skills, overall low performance for both PVE and PVP aspects

by Noona
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