Top 10 Gacha Games Of The Year | 2020 Edition

The year 2020 is FINALLY over and there are very few things to celebrate. This Top 10 video looks directly at the new releases to the Gacha marketplaces and crowns a “game of the year”. It is important to remember that this is strictly the opinion of Gacha Jay and not Eden Games directly. 

When we look at 2020 it may actually surprise people who much the Gacha Industry advanced. Between the mainstream game in Genshin Impact to the crowd pleaser in Guardian tales, there have been a lot of success stories. Not to mention, both of Illusion Connect and Arknights have some of the most ride or die communities I have ever seen. 

The Asian market has swept up World of the Visions as one of their main games, like every Final Fantasy, and it looks like a multitude of games will be here for the foreseeable future. 

In my eyes, the one thing to look out for the most is what publisher will be coming after Genshin Impacts market share. The game open up an entire new plethora of ideas that they hid one of the most atrocious monetization schemes within and it looks ripe for the taking by an honest competitor. 

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