Super Boss King Guide

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Recommended Team Comps

F2P Team

This comp takes after units that you would generally use for Guild Boss. Hellbram can also be replaced for Green Elizabeth for more survivability and backline supports can be Green Jillian for her HP 30% passive.

Max Team

This comp’s focus is to keep Jericho alive while being able to score as high as possible in Hell. Elaine is essential because of her rank down ability and her AOE ult gauge drop which helps finish two key missions in Hell. Jericho is the best damage unit because her ultimate has the highest potential burst currently in the game. Her passive allows her to stack Critical chance which helps her eventually overcome SBK’s (Super Boss King’s) high Critical resistance.

It does take RNG but if successful, it will do more than Escanor because of her Spike passive (2x Critical Damage). She’s also available to trade for Gold coins so she’s a lot easier to 6/6.

Flex Team

If you can’t afford to upgrade your Jericho or if you have Escanor and want to abuse him, then here’s your chance to flex outside of PvP. Escanor has buff removal which will help you score points in Phase 1. He’s incredibly tank and can survive phase 2 hits due to his passive which keeps him immune to debuffs at max ultimate gauge. Keep in mind that he is very expensive to 6/6 and will output less than Jericho even at max.

Keeping your Jericho Alive (Maximizing your Jericho's HP)

Make sure your Jericho is running SSR or R defensive and HP pieces. The better your gear, the easier and less RNG it will require to push your high score in Extreme and Hell. The key to making sure your Jericho stays alive however is the costumes. Every little bit of investment goes a long way to keeping your Jericho alive.

The SSR and UR costumes used above come from upgrading Red and Blue SR Jericho to UR. Make sure to choose the SSR costumes with resistance to ensure your Jericho can tank as much hits as possible.

The last UR costume was a limited costume that has already passed. If you missed it, feel free to use any of the free SSR costumes.

Most of these headgears can be purchased directly from the Sacred shop. You can pick up 2 free pieces of headgear from the affinity reward of Green SSR Jericho and Blue SR Jericho.

The UR headgear was a limited costume. There aren’t many alternatives outside of SR gear from the Sacred shop.

High Score Strategy

F2P Strategy (Extreme)

The strategy for extreme is to score as many points as possible during phase 1 by using Hellbram ultimate to strip SBK’s buffs as well as the 2 ads next to him for 20 points per buff removed.

G. Merlin can easily clear out the Dissolve quest while her ultimate can easily burn through Phase 1 if you end up stacking too much time and building too much ultimate orbs on the ads next to SBK.

The Extreme boss only has 292,832 HP so a Jeri Crit will usually overkill the boss allowing you to skip Phase 2 entirely. It may take a bit of RNG but hopefully this will help you secure top 5% 🙂

Flex/Max Score Strategy (Hell)

The strategy for hell is to complete all the missions listed below while doing any minor optimization to squeeze as many points out of phase 1. The struggle will be getting both 6 rank down cards and decreasing 12 orb gauges. The ideal scenario is to save up for a gold Elaine AOE so that you can take out 9 orbs with 1 card. Keep in mind the Elizabeth silver attack card can remove buffs.

You’ll need to try and use as many Jericho cards as you can squeeze out in phase 1 so by the time phase 2 hits, you can easily one shot the boss and go for Crit resets. If you’re unsure on how to Crit reset, feel free to check out my previous guide and skip to the Crit reset section.

Points and Efficiency

Try your best to score as many points as possible with your cards. The key things to focus on is Dissolve (ultimate orb down), Remove buffs and recovery skill.

Characters and key skills


Her AOE gold card can reduce 3 ultimate orbs per target. This will buy you a lot of time in phase 1 and can help you clear the Hell dissolve mission.


All levels can derank skills. At Silver and Gold, they can also reduce the targets ultimate orb based on how many abilities gets deranked.


At Silver and Gold, her attack can also remove buffs which will help you gain a lot of points in phase 1.


Jericho is the best damage dealer because of her Spike passive which doubles her Crit Damage on ultimate.


At Silver and Gold, his attack can also remove buffs which will help you gain a lot of points in phase 1.


Her passive adds 30% more HP which significantly helps with survivability.


Her passive heals units for 10% HP every turn. She’s an ideal sub if you’re not using G. Elizabeth and can tank the hits.


At Silver and Gold, his attack can also remove buffs which will help you gain a lot of points in phase 1.


He has a recovery skill which can help keep your units healthy. However his ultimate is a damage single target so he will be less effective for Hell.

Boss Mechanics

Phase 1

Every turn the 2 ads beside SBK will add an attack buff and stack 1 ultimate gauge.

Each ultimate gauge orb adds a defensive buff which will eventually lead to SBK being able to patience most attacks. 

When the ads gauge are maxed out, they add enough attack stats to SBK which can wipe most teams out. Your goal is to either burst SBK out before this happens or use AOE ult gauge removal to stall or prevent this from happening.

Phase 2

During phase 2 he shifts into Green King and will hit like a truck with max gauges. Ideally you want to either derank his skills or go for a 1 shot with your ultimate moves to prevent him from bursting out your DPS. 

Thanks for reading through the guide and good luck hitting top 5% 🙂

by Arfz
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