Story/PvP Tierlist


Enforcer – The Enforcer are only available in Arcana and fighting against them in Story mode.


Miyuki – Hands down a “GOD” Tier unit that just wipes the enemy board and she reduces all enemies Rage down (Dec 330 Rage units, Dec 200 Rage Leader). Her ulti is an aoe that does 270% ATK DMG. 
I would 100% recommend this unit to be 5*+.

Maki – Another God tier due to being the first awakening BUT not only that, she also does heaps of damage towards to the enemy leader due to having her passive. She dies she does 220% ATK DMG to the enemy leader. Her second combat passive requires Average Lineup Energy is LESS than or EQUAL to 14. When an ally partner dies she deals 100% ATK DMG to the Enemy Leader.  Like that is pretty nice not going to lie. Having the ally die where Maki passive just kicks in and hurts the enemy leader is just great and if she dies she just hurts the enemy leader even more.
Her ulti targets 1 single unit and deals 500% ATK DMG BUT has a 80% chance to do a 2nd hit that deals 135% ATK DMG BUT WAIT she does the 3rd atk which is 25% chance and deals 100% ATK DMG to the unit. 
Would recommend this unit to be 5*+.


Phoebe – A great unit to have that decrease 50% DEF and Revives herself when she dies. Once she revives she receives 110% ATK, 100% DEF, 50% HP and 500 Rage (1 per battle). Her second combat passive requires at least 5 Light units or 5 Healing Class partners. When you summon Phoebe with that 2nd requirement she grants “INVINCIBLE” status to 3 random Ally Units for 20 Seconds. She AOE the enemy team and deals 265% ATK DMG, reduces their def by 50% for 10 Seconds. This unit does ok dmg but that DEBUFF DEF 50% (ooft) for 10 seconds is great and on top of that with that revive hope you want her to ulti again asap. She only cost $0.99 in the pack shop but can acquire her in arcana.

Kiraya – One of the best support tank. When she ulti she deals 400% ATK DMG and grants a shield equal to her 20% hp. BUT wait she gives allies in the same Column a shield. That’s why she’s one of the best support tank in the game. When she appears she gains 40% HP Shield. A very great combo to save the leader and the units who’s in the column.

Selena – Also one of the best support tank but compare to Kiraya i feel like Kiraya is better option than Selena. Instead of giving shields, she heals the leader instead. When she’s near to death her combat passive activate which gives her 2 Immunity From FATAL DMG per battle. Then she has a 2nd combat passive where the Energy greater than or equal to 14 where whenever an ally partner appears she grants the Leader a shield equal to Selena 10% HP. When she ulti she does 400% ATK DMG and heals 35% which is used will heal the Leader for 35%.

Anna – One of the top healer that i would recommend. When she’s present she grants allied partners 16.5% DMG rate and her 2nd combat passive has to to have at least 5 different class. When Anna is present she grants herself and allies who are deployed after Anna gains 10% DMG RATE and 10 DMG RES RATE. Her ulti restores HP equal to her atk 265% to all allies and restores 300 Rage to herself. So she will just keep on healing non stop.

Rikia – Oh man one of the best SR unit that i really love. When she appears all ally DEBUFFS are dispelled. Every debuff that are dispelled increases her HP max and her DMG RATE by 16.5%. Holy moly that’s why she’s good cleans and increase herself to be a tank. BUT WAIT!? She can also AOE the enemy team that does 245% dmg and places on of these of the following debuffs on the enemy. “STUN, SILENCE, REDUCES ATK BY 20%, REDUCES DEF BY 20%”. She cleanse the debuffs and gains hp while on top giving all enemies one of those debuff. Like HELLO??? That’s why she’s really the best SR unit.
100% recommend this unit to 5*

Pan – Oh my lord she’s another one of the best SR unit that i love. She gains ATK by 4.5% for every empty poistion on the battlefield. Her ulti does 480% ATK DMG and reduces the target RECOVERY RATE BY 80% for 3 rounds. Sad it’s Single Target BUT she does so much damage like it’s not even funny when you vs her. She hurt you like a massive truck and on top of that the heal reduction hurts real bad. You want to aim high DMG on her that way you can just pop any one unit or maybe use her to end the enemy leader in one shot from the start of the battle since she costs only 14 Energy. Very good price i would say. 
100% recommend this unit to 5*’s


Kasumi – A very good unit when she crit the enemies in the Column. Her combat passive is when she appears her CRIT DMG increases to 55% and she steals all enemy Invincible and Shield Effects. Really good way for her to steal that away from Phoebe or Kiraya or any units that has those effects. Her ulti attacks the enemies whos in that column and deals 265% ATK DMG. She loses 40% HP BUT increases her CRIT RATE chance by 60%. Really great to have that and when she crits the enemy/enemies in that column she will hit like a big truck. Her banner will come out in the 3rd Week of the account. I would suggest save those select tickets for her since she is a really nice unit to 5*+.

Diana – She’s a great for a single target healer. She can only target one unit but heals heaps. Her combat passive is when she appears the Ally Leader restores 33% HP. Her ulti does a single enemy target and deals 285% ATK DMG while restoring all HP towards to the ally partner with the lowest HP, but reduces the partner’s recovery rate by 70%. A good way to save a unit or even to save the leader.

Ann – A great SR summon unit which her summon gives the team a buff. Ann’s DMG RATE in battle increases by 16.5%. When the Snow Queen is present the DMG rate of all allies increases by 16.5%. When the Mermaid Princess is present increases DDMG RES RATE of all allies by 16.5%. 2nd Combat passive when No more than 2 partners of any one Energy type on the Team it will activate the reward where the Mermaid Princess and the Snow Queen increase MAX HP by 60%. So the summon units can tank more. When ann ulti she deals 415% ATK DMG and summons Mermaid Princess and Ice Queen to the battlefield. They are unable to attack BUT they inherits Ann’s DEF by 100% and her HP by 50%.

Gagaku – A SSR summon unit who gives you 3 little cute foxes into the battlefield when she ulti. When she ulti she deals an enemy/enemies in the column and deals 265% ATK DMG. Summons 3 spirit foxes to join in to the battle and the foxes gain Gagaku’s ATK by 100% BUT has 1% hp. Wait thats lame… 1% HP that won’t help much? BUT WAIT. Her combat passive is when the summon spirit foxes dies it does 132% ATK DMG dealt towards to an enemy unit that has the lowest HP.

Yuffie – An AOE sorcerer buffer. Yuffie’s ATK in battle increasses by 15%. When present AOE DMG of all ally units increases by 16.5% with effect doubled for Yuffie. The 2nd combat passive is deploy at least 5 sorcerer class gives Ally partners of Sorcerer class deal 20% additional DMG to enemy partners with energy greater than or equal to 14. This is a big AOE buffer damager where if you see someone using her you know that they are playing an AOE team which will want to pop your whole team in the battlefield. Her ulti is an aoe attack that deals 265% ATK DMG which enemies that 14 or more energy take an additional 15% damage.

Nicola – A sorcerer that kills tank like nothing. Nicola’s attacks DECREASES the target DMG RES rate by 33% that last’s 3 rounds. When she ulti she only aims 2 enemies and deals 285% ATK DMG but only target HIGH HP unit first. That’s why she’s really a tank killer that deals so much due to her passive. I recommend her to be 5*+ that’s where she can be a very powerful unit by then.

Saya – The unit that everyone get and she is one of a great unit to use. Energy 10 which is very good low cost and she becomes a free SSR unit later on when you upgrade her to 4*. Her combat passive gives her 25% chance it where she just instantly wipes out the enemy, equally effective against enemies with current Invincible or Death RES status. When she ulti she deals 500% ATK DMG BUT if it’s an enemy partner it deals an additional damage equal to 15% of MAX HP. A very good unit to use with a very nice low energy cost.

Fenebeth – A good SSR anti healer where she just makes the healer do nothing. When Fenebeth appears she places a curse to all enemy units that lasts 2 rounds. Every round the target takes damage equal to 60% of caster’s ATK and all HEALS they receive are converted into DMG instead. HOLY MOLY. This is great against Anna due to her healing the whole team. Her ulti is an aoe and it deals 200% ATK DMG to the enemies. I would recommend her as a 5*+ because when she becomes a 5* unit when she dies she casts curse again when she dies. Which is really good.


Diamond – Her Heal rate in battle increases by 15% and when she appears, one of the lowest HP ALLY partner is returned to the hand and recieves 80% ATK and 55% Max HP. When she ult she restores HP equal to 265% ATK to 2 ALLIES with the lowest HP which they gain ATK and DEF by 20% for 2 rounds and then restores HP equal to atk 50% every round for 2 rounds. She’s very situational and handy due to returning the unit back to your hand and use it again and they become stronger and better.

Rotania – For every enemy partner on the battlefield increases her DMG RATE by 7%. Her ulti is an AOE that deals 200% ATK DMG and Enemy’s summoned take 1.5 times more dmg. She’s good when the enemy team has a fullboard BUT the cost of her is 20 Energy and that’s really cost heavy.

Angela – When she appears she revives one ally unit with 70% HP. When she ulti she goes into defence mode where she won’t be able to attack at all BUT when she’s in defence mode she increases her DMG RES RATE by 65% that can’t be dispelled and she taunts the whole enemy team for 2 rounds. Her kit isn’t that bad, she revive a unit and when she goes defence mode she just makes all enemies target her instead. A really good counter against single target unit but for aoe its useless.

Barinas – When he dies he returns to the hand and recieves 120% ATK and 88% HP MAX (1 Timer per battle). He attacks enemies in a cross pattern and deals 240% ATK DMG. For each enemy hit increases the ATK by 5% and DEF by 15%. A nice unit to have, when he dies he comes back stronger in your hand and when he ulti he gains more ATK and DEF.

Frantiva – When she dies she summons 3 units on to the field. Her summon receives 120% of Frantiva ATK, 50% DEF and 50% of her HP. When she ulti she does a single target which deals 400% ATK DMG and increasing her MAX HP by 25%. 

Hotaru – All her attacks have a 28% chance to do a 1 hit combo that deals 150% ATK DMG and then 10% chance to do a 2 hit combo  that deals 100% ATK DMG to enemies in one column. Her ulti attacks an enemy column and deals 210% ATK DMG which has a 70% chance to stun the target to 1 round. A nice unit to stun the enemy in that column.

Hersey – When she appears she deals 90% ATK DMG to all enemy partners and an additional 200% DMG towards to Sorcerer class. Her ulti does a single target but deals 510% ATK DMG and deals 30% SPREAD SHOT DMG to other enemy Sorcerer partners. She’s a good Sorcerer killer that can wipe out one by one.

Camille – Before Camille appears, every partner death deducts 1 Energy to Camille. He has a second combat passive that requires Energy greater than or equal to 14 will taunt all enemies for 2 rounds and increase he MAX HP by 30%. His ulti does a single target which deals 200% ATK DMG but increasing REFELCT RATE by 40%. A nice unit to have against units that just one shot where he just reflect the damage back to the that unit BUT he cost 20 Energy but the deduction helps him out.

Vivian – When Vivian appears 6 Energy is deducted from the next partner to appear.  When she ulti she does a single target to the enemy and deals 380% ATK DMG while increasing her DEF by 50% for 3 rounds. A good unit to reduce the Energy cost for the next unit BUT her cost is 17 Energy.

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