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Some Black Desert Mobile Q&A

Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile is an online mobile MMORPG by Pearl Abyss, set to be released on Dec 11th, 2019.



Q: What’s best class and why?

A: Played KR for the first 3 months when it released and stopped to wait for global. I would highly recommend Ranger with the launch classes. Ranger can PvP arena top tier and top tier pve farm. Sorc will be the first class released if following KR schedule. Reroll to that, but do not get rid of your Ranger, later on, when Awakening and Absolutes release, Absolute Ranger (Hunter) is basically cheating at the game.

Oh, and when it releases, Lahn, cause OP reasons. Current Top Tier IMO currently in KR: #3 Awakening Ranger (WindWalker) #2 Lahn, #1 Absolute Ranger (Hunter)

Q: How about warrior? Is that bad? Pvp focused player here. Or blademaster-blader (I don’t know how is called).

A: I never played warrior or musa when it was released. Their pve grind is limited due to a lack of sustainable aoe. In pvp I wrecked both of them as ranger or sorc. Like I wasn’t even trying. I didn’t see many warriors around. Musa was popular at their release. I stopped playing shortly after. I don’t see them being very competitive compared to Ranger classes, Lahn and sorc reaper. You can always prove me wrong though.

Q: How to unlock ultra graphic settings on BDM via emu?

A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YB9vf3WDUAI
Bluestacks: 1. Open Settings. 2. Click Advanced. 3. Choose Predefined Profile: Google Pixel 2XL.
Nox: 1. Open Settings. 2. Click Property Settings. 3. Click Custom Key. 4. Enter LG, Google, and G011C as the entries for the custom key fields in order.

On all emu’s then launch game, open options (3 bars in upper right, and then cog in lower right), go to 4th tab, under 3rd row click the right most option (resolution max), on the 5th tab click the right most option (FPS max)

A: How far into the main quest-line you have to be for Black Spirit Awakening 5?


A: 40% progress into the North Calpheon region.

Took me 12~ hours

Tip: Extract the crystal from your equipment before transferring the enhancements, or you lose the crystal.

Q: What should I know about the auto-gathering mode?


A:The Black Spirit auto-gathering mode is gated by Stamina, not time.
100 stamina + 15 minutes afking yielded 150 wood + various materials
100 stamina + 7 hours afking yielded 290 wood + various materials (from stamina regenerated during that time)
Auto-hunt for farming upgrade materials if you don’t want your device up all night. (Auto-farming with your device turned on is better though).

For the auto-harvesting function (unlocked at Black Spirit lvl 60) you can scroll up and select a specific type of material that you want to harvest and it will only harvest that type of material. So if you only need wood for upgrades you can auto-harvest that with your character very easily.

BDM Combat

Q: How do I know more about the game? Where can I find specific answers for my questions?


A: Well, we do have tons of guides here on the website, and you can always join our discord for live answers. Our community welcomes all BDM fans and mobile game fans in general. Hope to see you there!

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