SINoALICE – What to Reroll for?

How to Reroll

Rerolling in iOS

Delete the game and then re-download from the app store if you are not satisfied. No binding needed.

Rerolling in Android

To delete the game, clear app data.

Settings > App > SINoALICE > Storage > Clear Data

Link your account to keep it safe or to transfer your account between devices.

Note that your paid gems will become free gems if you transfer between iOS and Android devices.


Classes and Class Weapons available for reroll

As you should know, weapons in SINoALICE can unlock certain classes for your characters. There is no actual Tierlist for SINoALICE characters, you should concentrate on building your weapons to make your character stronger. 

Unlock characters’ default jobs by clearing their first campaign story.

For hardcore rerollers, it is advisable to roll for 1 or 2 SR nightmares as their rates are much lower and you are going to use them in the long run.

Then 1-2 SR weapons of your class. SR weapons = SS weapons in JP version.

Here are the weapons that can be obtained to unlock gacha classes on launch.


Staff of Restriction (unlocks Alice/Cleric)

Blade of Depravity (unlocks Cinderella/Breaker)

Violin of Delusion (unlocks Hansel Gretel/Minstrel)

Grimoire of Dependency (unlocks Pinocchio/Sorcerer)

Staff of Suffering (unlocks Kaguya/Cleric)


Jobs in SINoALICE are separated into 2 categories: DPS and Support. DPS classes and use each other weapons, but cannot use Support weapons. This is the same for Support classes, whereas they can only use Support weapons, and no DPS weapons. Orbs are DPS weapon for support, which are considered the worst tier of weapons.

DPS classes at launch: Breaker, Crusher, Gunner, Paladin.

Support classes at launch: Cleric, Minstrel, Sorcerer, Mage.

JobWeapon TypeSpecialization
BreakerBladePhysical Attack; Single Target
CrusherHammerPhysical Attack; Multi Target
PaladinPolearmsMagical Attack; Multi Target
GunnerRangedMagical Attack; Single Target
ClericStaffHeal Allies’ HP/Health
MinstrelInstrumentsBuff Allies’ Stats
SorcererTomesDebuff Enemies’ Stats
MageOrbsMagical Attack; Multi Target

Choosing your main class is vital in SINoALICE as if you are trying to join a guild, guild wars usually require 10 supports. 3 healers 3 buffers 3 debuffers and 1 flex role recommended.

Like most games, if you are F2P, it is easier to go for a support class.

Cleris is one of the most stressful jobs in guild wars as timing their heal is very vital to winning the war. If you are going to be a Cleric main, I suggest you should only concentrate in staff and be a pure Cleric instead of trying for a hybrid class.

However, it is recommended to check with your guild first to figure out whether you can go hybrid on cleric or stick with pure cleric.

If you want to build a hybrid class, it is advisable to:

  • Pair sword with hammer for physical DPS.
  • Pair gun with lance for magical DPS.
  • Pair tome with musical instrument for buff/debuff.
  • Please, don’t pair staff with anything unless there’s a valid reason to do so.
As of now, since there is only 1 banner at launch and weapon choices are limited, it is easier to build a hybrid grid with all DPS weapons and buff+debuff. Clerics should still only be using staff.
As we get more weapons, you should decide whether you want to concentrate on one job or hybrid, and it is better to stick with either physcial or magic DPS for the best DPS output.

Twilight Gems

Twilight gems are used for gacha.

The main ways of obtaining twilight gems are:

  • Main Story
  • Daily Missions
  • Event Missions

Also, remember use your lower rarity weapons to limit break them. You get 30 gems for every 5 limit breaks for up to 1,000 times, that is 6,000 gems total.


by Evenil
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