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Ultimate Buffer/Debuffer Guide

Guild wars are decided by Sorc/Mins. Lets say your guild only consisted of 70k dps and you were against 130k dps, however for some reason the Enemy guild didn’t have a backline. At max buffs you provide a 100% bonus to your frontline’s attack and defense, and at max debuffs you penalize the enemy team by a whopping 70%. If you gave your guild max buffs and the enemy max debuffs, you guild would be effectively 140k, and the enemy 40k.

Buffs and Debuffs scale off of stats, so sorc/mins need to have as much as possible of all four major stats, patt/pdeff/matt/mdef.

Source of Early Game CP / Progression

Charm Medal Shop – Buy all the 150 gem gear packs, including the frontline ones. For the frontline ones feed them (for skill exp) or limit break them (for the limit break achievement). This will get you a lot of charm medals.

Here you can buy SR weapons (priority the insturment, then the book), as well as armor (You may want to skip the body/boots since Neir event will provide better versions for sorc/min). Armor will provide a large amount of CP, so don’t skip it. (note: LB isn’t worth spending charm medals on).

The most important passive skill you want as a sorc/min is “Support Boon” (replenish magic is okay too, but not that good). You should upgrade your S Instruments/Books into SR if it has Support boon and the main skills are reasonable (IE they are (II) or (III), you may want to skip skills that are only (I))

Classes provide CP, so make sure to unlock as much classes as possible and get them to lvl 8. Arcanas are important too, you can use to look up the bonuses for each class. You can skip arcanas that only provide HP.

For early game you will want to use SR/S Harps/Books/and Staffs. You do not want to go orbs as they are useless in colloseum. You will need to have a mix of all 3 weapon type to be able to round out your grid. Remember, CP is very important as it determines how powerful your buffs are, sacrificing a non-orb weapon type this early is not worth it.

Ultimately you will always want some form of flexibility, since you should be able adapt your grid based off of what your guild wants.

Rank – Rank provides HP and extra cost. Make sure to farm Act 2 Chapter 4 for exp whenever you are close to leveling.

Note: Skill level is very important. You probably want to level the skill level of SR weapons you have with “Support Boon”. Feed unused A/S/SR weapons to level up skill level. (You shouldn’t use S/SR fodder for the LB achievement as the skill exp is more valuable).

Playing as a Sorc/Min

The most important thing to learn about as a Sorc/Min is the diminishing returns of buffs and debuffs.

There are penalty on buffs starting at +10, and then at +18 it becomes extremely penalized. For debuffs the penalty starts a +5, and after +10 is becomes extremely penalized. You should aim to get allies to 10 of each buff, and then switch, to make the most out of your buffs. Likewise you should switch when the enemy had 5 debuffs. If everyone has 10 of each buff, then you should start working on getting everyone to 18 buffs.

Note: buffs last throughout the entire battle unless canceled by a debuff. In colloseum debuffs will be reset after a 5 man wipe. You can cheese some pve levels by buffing up a lot on the first wave. (For example using library wisp on wave 1)

1-1 recovery (Colosseum): If you are unable to get to ship phase (due to a close match), it may be hard to find time to recover AP in Colosseum. 1-1 means going into sp recovery to recover a little sp after every skill, and then quickly exiting SP recovery after getting 20 ap. You can enter sp recovery slighly earlier than you can use your second skill, so basically you are SP recovering during the downtime in between skill cooldowns.

NOTE:  For the very start, don’t start off with 1:1 recovery, you will want to spam a rotation of skills to provide an early advantage. Start 1:1 recovery when you are at 100-200 SP.

Prioritization: Before the battle make sure you know which frontline has the highest CP in your guild and the enemy guild so you know which dps to buff/debuff and prioritize. You should still switch if there is a penalty, but to start off you should lower their stronger targets.

Seal Clubbing: if your against a guild that you will completely crush (like your guild is twice their cp). You should do a different grid, you want a grid that will get all your dps to 20 attack stats as possible. Include as much Attack Buff Instruments. In addition you may want to include orbs if they provide a substantial (greater than 2% of your cp per orb) CP bonus to make your harps better. Remove weak books/staffs in Seal Clubbing mode.


You are mainly looking for three things from a banner:

– SR Nightmare

– Jobs (for passive stats)

– Rate up on support boon (II) weapons.

If the banner has 3+ of these things you should consider pulling. For example the currently Snow White Crusher banner has 3 of these things. After you pull one of the 3, you may want to stop pulling, depending on how many pity coins you have.

Video Guide for Support Class

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