SINoALICE – Choosing your jobs and weapons

Choosing your job and weapon

Some rank A weapons can be evolved twice to SS weapons and you should definitely keep them. You can tell if they can be evolved twice as they will have two spades in their item description above the uncapped diamonds as well as having a cost higher than 10.

The upper right corner shows the best weapon to go with your character job. This means that using this type of weapon will give a variety of buffs to your character and is recommended.

You can obtain regular jobs from the story, S and SS jobs drop from the gacha. What differentiates them is how much their common skills boost stats by. Regular character jobs provide a +50 boost to stats for their Common (共通) Skills. S character jobs provide +75 to stats, SS jobs provide +100.

Leveling up your weapon job will boost your power for that weapon. 

Job skills however will only apply to that specific character and job. Just because it adds the same weapon stats doesn’t mean it will apply the boost to a different job.

Using other types of weapons will at most give you no bonus and might give you penalties.

You can see your character’s main weapon and usable weapons, as well as its main weapon’s bonuses in your character weapon page.

When you are using a general job, there is a 60% bonus in the corresponding character area, plus 10% for the breakthrough card lv2 and only 10% in non-regional maps.

Besides general jobs, you can unlock half-nightmare jobs by trading in GranColo medals. These jobs give extra power boost to you main job while reducing 25% power of other types of weapons. You should only main these if you have a variety of weapons available for a certain type of weapon. Half-nightmare jobs are recommended in corresponding arena as it boosts 65% power, and a 35% boost in non-regional maps.

There is also the sin series where they boost the same stats as half-nightmare jobs, however, they also give specific bonuses to both elemental and weapon type, and reduce another element by 75% instead of other weapon types, making them a little bit more flexible than Half-Nightmares but harder to take full advantage of.

Unlocking your character jobs

Characters have default jobs that come with them when you unlock the characters.

Other general jobs are obtained through weapons, for example, gacha.


The Gacha

Gacha is needed in order to unlock new classes that are not available other wise. As of right now, the gacha rate on the JP server is:

  • SS weapon: 3%
  • S weapon: 20%
  • A weapon: 77%

    Overall, the rates are pretty decent for gacha games in general.

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