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After getting educated a bit on the Sync Grid it looks like it’s a good on both Sync Pairs! So it is hereby recommended to pull. Leaf is definitely the strongest Sync Pair to go for!


Charizard has been out with Red for a while, and it is finally time for the other Gen 1 starters to make a scene in Pokémon Masters. Upon looking at their stats, they seem to be very tank/tanky orientiated, instead of having their own gimmicks it looks like they are taking from others, which is why I feel a little bit unease recommending those Sync Pairs at the current time. The following article will be without looking at Sync Grids, as it is the initial phase we are interested in.

Leaf & Mega Venusaur

Mega-Venusaur at first glance looks like it has a lot of flaws, apparently that is a big great bait by DeNA, the real strength that comes into play when dealing with Venusaur is that the Sync Grid is actually amazingly strong that changes the identity of Venusaur completely, from something not so useful, to something incredible useful. Venusaur has Razor Leaf, which can be used to AoE opponents. Via Passives, it is possible to reduce opponents bulky stats def & sp.def. Via Sync Grid it is possible to AoE poison opponents. Venusaur’s kit is all about stalling out opponents as Venusaur brings several passives to the field which makes opponents take additional damage from toxic/poison, and also debuffs them down making it easier for your strikers to take down opponent foes. So the key here is the Sync Grid.

Blue & Mega-Blastoise

Just like Venusaur, we have another high health pool and high sp.def, but Blastoise also have a high defence, so it is one of the bulky sync pairs in the Pokémon Universe. Upon inspecting the kit, we will fast realize that it is very similar to Lance & Dragonite with 4x Gauge usage hydro Cannon doing 178-213 damage with 90% accuracy, hopefully Sync Grid has accuracy up talent. The good part of Blastoise is that you actually increase your defence, have the gauge field to fasten up gauge recovery, and can raise your own critical strike up. This is basically Dragonite without self-sacrificing health, and it is a water type move. So since we already know how Lance & Dragonite functions, i’ll simple state that this is basically a water-hyperbeam Sync Pair. Which has a better improved kit, over Dragonite.

Additional amazing things you should know about, is that Mega-Blastoise actually gains buffs, when either using a move, or gets hit. When the first Sync Move is used, Blastoise and allies gets Endurance as well, so the concept of being a hyper-beam spammer with tons of tankyness is actually really good. Which is why I really wanna recommend Blastoise. I loved Dragonite, which is why I will love an improved hyper-beam user. So i’ll highly recommend Blue & Blastoise.


At the current meta, Venusaur’s kit should be the best to go for. Wearing opponents down, AoE poisoning, and then stalling for victory seems very promising. Blastoise is like an improve Lance & Dragonite, does have lower SP.Atk, but has aoe endurance. You can’t go wrong on either of them. Recommend to pull to your hearts content.

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