Resources, Income, and Rune Management Guide

Shining Beyond – Runes and Income Management


Rarity Grade B+ 

It really ranges from which stage of the game you’re in, and either your f2p to a whale. It’s quite common at the start of the game till you finish your stories and achievements. After that, it becomes quite rare to get it if you’re not careful in spending it.


  • 250 per daily missions, 500 per weekly missions, 1000 per monthly missions
  • Arena varies in rank weekly reward
  • 50 per day from daily shop and guild quest
  • Tower of trials per class tower
  • 1000 gems per full tower complete
  • Hourglass and idle mode really rare drop rate
  • 300-400 gems from weekly shop depending on player level


-Gold dungeon key for farming gold

-Relic dungeon key is a must buy each day for jobs relics

-Gear dungeon for gear and gear dust, which is important at mid and late game

-Dungeon key selector is a must buy that activates all dungeons including class relic dungeon and runes.

All key cost 300 gems at first purchase second 450 third 600

It’s recommended to purchase the 300 cost daily and leave the 450 2nd purchase when you’re in desperate need of resources.

-Stamina recharge

15 stamina per recharge cost start at 150 gems then 300 lastly 600

Reset daily server reset

-Gear upgrade – Bag slots, Rune roll ticket and reforge ticket 150 gems


300 per summon 10x summon at 2700 usage

Gives mileage and Valiante per gem summon.

Not really recommended to use in summons besides setup banner which is the best banner for beginners to use their early abundant gems on. Gives plenty of goodies to kick start your journey ahead.

Gems can be also acquired throughout special limited events and cash shops and special timer items.

Not recommended: 5 star gear equipment packs or any gear you see in the cash shop at, all it’s utterly a waste of gems. However if you see the pack with the purple toolkit inside get asap and refer to the early game section.


Rarity Grade D

It’s quite rare at the start of the game and as you progress further and further into the game,

it becomes rather common when you start to stack item mods in daily dungeons. More detail into item mods later.

Acquire:Gold dungeon, daily mission, sell character shards R ones.

Other special events and hourglass and idle mode

Usage Upgrading equipment, promotions, job upgrades, and item store purchase.

Fusing relic and gear disenchantment. The must have items with gold is to check your daily,weekly and monthly shop for any item mods and stun items. 

The shop can be refresh for 2000 gems ToT


Grade B

Stamina is quite a rare resource in this game, mainly because it’s a slow recharge rate of 9 min per stamina. If you’re new to the game don’t go wasting it on expressing the previous stages you have done.

Acquire :Stamina boxes are really rare only in special events and level ups and daily login.  Best way to save stamina is to retry the stage and hope to 3 star it. If not you can always come back to it later if you feel progression is more important.

Gear dust
Grade C for cocaine 😛
Usage: It’s decently common to upgrade a piece of gear each day without having to spend a fortune on a key on a gear dungeon. However once gear is really important throughout mid and late game, as it gets rarer, the need to do gear dungeon runs increases. 

Be mindful of it and smart with it and you probably wouldn’t need to recharge the daily gear dungeon. Ideally at the start you just wanna skip blue and green rarity gear and move on to straight to purple. 

Purple gear is quite rare at the start of the game, but with a bit of patience and a good guild and a few events to boot start your games, it’s gets quite easy to get. Only problems are the parts of the stat lines of the gear may not agree with you.

Acquire:Most common ways is disassembling gear and gear dungeon.Rarer ways

Hourglass and idle mode

Rune dust

Grade B+

It’s really rare stuff okay!

Rarer than that blue cocaine that you get everyday from doing gear dungeon okay!

It’s so rare that you can only do 3 runs per week without keys.

Usage: Obviously runes upgrade well the main point is to upgrade only blue and above tier gear runes green and below are utterly shit stats and it’s a huge pain to upgrade the rune.

Oh one more thing don’t upgrade crit runes please its a waste of a stat rune to upgrade later on in late game. Also not to mention to unequip green runes it cost rune dust too……

Acquire:Rune dungeons,disassemble runes

Rare ways to acquire

Hourglass and idle mode

 Special events currently N/A T-T

Job relics

Grade C+

It’s rare but not rare at the same time if you rush through story mode and move on to legendary mode of relic dungeon, which unlocks at certain stages of story mode.

Usage: For upgrading character jobs, the general rule of thumb is two use two different characters to ease the burden of having to upgrade the same class with the same relics at the start.

Acquire:Common ways to acquire 

Daily class and relic dungeon, guild shop, class tower,daily missions.

Rare:Daily login and special events and idle mode.


Grade A+

Stuff of wonders and golden diamonds that everyone wants in their homes.

Well not really useful in all in many ways but still a big game changer in some ways.


Mainly used inside a specialized cash shop for valiante

The only thing that f2p and casual spender would be looking at should be the class orbs and possibly relics if you wanna speedrun your progression. 

Acquired using gems in summons and monthly/guild missions.

Class Orb

Grade A

Ah yes class orbs, the forgotten currency in the game till 7star and above hero promotion.

All hail the class orb in mid and late game. If you farmed the relic dungeons alot with item drop mods, the hero shards shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Acquire:Valiante shop and tower class dungeon every 5 levels and guild shop

Rare ways: special events

Runes and Gears

Runes and Gears are the bread and butter of your heroes throughout mid and late game.

Before we start let’s just read this stats outline first. You can also find it ingame by pressing the next to your hero bp and pressing ? again.

Runes are currently straightforward as it seems no tricks involved.

Attack Best for damage dealers
Health/Hp Best for rogue class and tankers class

Defence Best for Tankers and Dps warriors

Crit : Are trash runes besides early to mid-game even then it’s still trash. Why cause you to get so much stats from leveling gear and job levels. Late game you probably wished you never leveled your crit runes.

Yellow/Dark Purples aren’t in the game atm. It’s currently assumed yellow runes are skill runes.

Runes slots

1 star to 6 star gear have one only rune slot

7 stars have 2 rune slots with the exception of shoulder gear and rings which only have one slot. 

Currently unknown how much 8 stars to 10 stars can have more runes or not as they currently not in the game also.

Head + Body + Shoulder can insert Hp,Def,Yellow runes

Weapon + Ring + Vanity can insert Atk,crit,dark purple runes.

Gear and Weapons stat line and build

1-6 star gear has 3 stat lines with purple able to level to 50 while blue and under only goes to Lv 30

7 star gear has 4 stat lines. Lv 50 cap also

8 -10 star gear ???

Melee tankers and tanky healers

Try not to go over the stat chances % cap as Lvl 50 gears and job level job passive masteries tend to go over cap and overflow.

Skill defense: Priority #1

For defending against skills that are listed under your skill list tabs in the hero menu. There’s currently no % cap for it as it serves to decrease damage from skills and effects. The more you have the better try to max it out. It should be the main stats for your tanks as everything uses skills to do stuff. 

Stack as much you can there’s no limit currently maybe be changed or nerfed.

Dodge chance: #2

To dodge attacks ideally it’s good to have it around let’s say 80% min and max you need is 100%. Any higher than that will serve no purposes besides debuffs also dodging attacks have a cooldown between 1.5sec-2sec per attack that includes skills attacks too. 

Block chance:  #3

Same as above 80% min to 100%. The only difference is block is weaker than dodge since there’s another stat value called Block amount which is only increased via job levels it serves to block a % of damage taken.

Same cooldown and mechanics as Dodge. You can stack both together and they will swap cooldown when the hero is attacked. 

Ex: If 4 attacks hit you at once you will dodge one block the other and 2 will hit your hero and damage it.

Deflect chance: Personal preference

Same as above 80% to 100%

Mainly because deflect only reflects a small amount of damage to the attacker and this could trigger the dodge cd and block of opponents as well.

Only Problem with this stat is that its sub stat Deflect amount makes it really weak. It’s only increased via job again. 

That means if your hero gets killed in an attack and it dies it will not  deflect the damage at all. One shot kill = no deflect just die

Can be stacked with other chances too.

Health or Hp

Depending on content you could probably finish legend mode with 50-70k hero min as your dps can kill enemies quickly enough. As long as it can live for 3 seconds into a boss battle. Might need to use items to heal up.

Arena well it’s really hard to tell. Around 150k should be enough for gold and silver. 

The only problem in the arena that is you only promote at the end of the week and there’s a certain requirement to promo.

Stack as much you can there’s no limit.


It’s kinda important to have but not as much as the others. Hp is still better because the healer can heal more with more %hp for their healing on tanks and the same applies to potions. It can be used for stacking def for tank skills but most tank skills either heal hp or stun.

Stack as much you can there’s no limit. 

Skill Effect 

It affects all your skills including job skills and buffs the only thing it doesn’t affect is normal attack and some skills possibly? Emiko’s attack buff under 100% skill effect is probably the reason why she’s broken at late game.

There’s also no caps on it atm, maybe nerf possibly.

Tanks rarely use skill effects there’s better stats to use for your gear. It’s good if you run out of tickets and just leave it for another time to reforge it. 

Damage Dealers or Dps

Attack: Priority #1

No cap goes as high as you can. Most important for auto attack dps and possibly skill users that deal damage over time.

Skill Effect: Priority #1

Just stack it and watch your skills do a lot of damage. Some heroes may like to auto attack more though. Ex. Shizu


Has a cap of 100% unless you’re often affected by debuffs or something then you could build more? It’s easily overcapped by job levels and masteries and 1-2 statlines of lv 40-50 gear even.

Used for normal attacks only

Ideally 80%-100% to improve chances of crit.

Crit damage
6 star and above exclusive statline

Stack as high you can go.

Skill crit

6 star and above exclusive statline

Same as crit but only used for skills. DOT doesn’t crit as it is not a considered part of skill damage just an extra effect to skills.

Skill crit damage 

N/A in gear

Same as crit damage works for skills only. No cap also.

Credits: Nekomono#9932

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