Shining Beyond Reroll + Tier list

Information is based on Beta, the global release will launch the game in all regions except TH, JP, KR and Mainland China

However, the Shining Beyond is still in the development progress. You may have got 3 methods to log in to the game in this beta version. The game has Facebook, Google play and email login. We recommend you to choose the email because it makes it easy when you reroll SSR in the guest user. Don’t use your Facebook or Google play to login. use guest user and link your email after you reroll SSR heroes.

Since this game is really generous with its SSR’s, the current highest rarity you can get, there’s really no need to reroll that intensely and it only serves to get the favourite heroes you like or preferred units. 

If you do wish to reroll ideally reroll for two specific units to make your journey quite easy.

Athena and Artemis. The two SSRs are extremely good in their roles and throughout the game you are happy to use them in all content. 

There’s also the valiant heroes that are more expensive and slightly rarer in general.

Keep in mind that the global release may have drastic changes making all of this information void 🙁

(Top Valiant to reroll for = Kane)

Current 4 valiants Freya, Kane, Lucille and Shizu

Steps to reroll for people who have never rerolled before!

  • Install the game (unless you’re in the excluded regions you will be required to VPN)
  • Log in with a dummy email or you can try the Gmail +1 trick
  • As the tutorial ends, Collect the summons from the summons.
  • Claim tickets and pray to RNGJesus to wash away all the bad Karma
  • If you didn’t get your favorite waifu’s/husbando’s
  • Log in with another dummy email or if you’re android (clear cache/delete data)
  • Repeat the process again until you’re satisfied

Shining Beyond (Beta Tier List) – Eden will be updating this as we play the global launch
Each hero has their own synergies and albeit rated low, they can still shine in the right compositions
Updated 30/11/2020
STier = Athena, Artemis, Emiko, Kane(Valiant for whales)
A Tier= Freya, Theia, Jenny, Shizu, other valiants
The rest have their niche uses in PvE content

Job 10 to 12 Relics Stalker:
Archer > Rogue > Archer Samurai:
Rogue > Zealot > Rogue Dark Templar:
Zealot > Warrior > Zealot Paladin:
Warrior > Acolyte > Warrior Shaman:
Acolyte > Mage > Acolyte Arcane Buster:
Mage > Archer > Mage
40x 5-Star > 35x 6-Star > 30x 7-Star

Warriors should pick Paladin first to increase survivability and the ability to provide heals. This can be further augmented later with Defender for improved tanking or Samurai in the zealot tree, for the team atk/def buff.
Archers should either go Stalker first for poison and stuns or Elementalist for high missile damage (boosted by skill effect) Ultimately, they should end up with both, though arcane buster is considered a less damage mage route with silence.
Rogues should always go directly to stalker for the poison and stun. It can be further enhanced by choosing Samurai from the zealot tree for additional teamwide atk/def buffs. Ninja is sometimes chosen but it doesn’t provide any utility compared with the other 2 suggestions, just raw dmg .
Acolytes that need to do damage or need attack should choose Elementalist and Shaman, Pure healers reliant on high health should choose Archbishop.

NameRatingRarityClassTypeJob 1Job 2Notes
AthenaSSSRWarriorArenaPaladinDark TemplarStrong, low-cost self-heal allows Athena to stand on her own without the help of a healer.
ArtemisSSSRRangerArenaElementalistStalkerStrong primary skill and can negate negative status effects.
EmikoASSRRangerTowerElementalistGrand RangerGreat support/debuff skills
JennyBSSRRogueTowerStalkerSamuraiStealth can be abused to make Jenny untargetable. Overall high damage thanks to support skill.
TheiaBSSRAcolyteTowerArchbishopElementalistHeal shield similar to Athena’s shield makes Theia strong if you don’t have Athena. Also comes with high damage and debuff skill if you don’t need healing, allowing Theia to fill multiple roles.
FreyaBSSRWarriorAdventure/EventDark TemplarPaladinHigh damage buiser. Good masteries make this hero worthwhile.
FranBSSRWarriorTowerPaladinDragoonSelf-revive with long duration, Stun, and can protect allies. Great kit, but current content doesn’t allow her kit to be particularly useful.
KaneBSSRRangerAdventure/EventStalkerElementalistMassive damage. Good masteries.
LucilleBSSRAcolyteAdventure/EventArchbishopElementalistRebirth, Buff removal, and strong heals. Good masteries.
MakotoBSRRogueArenaStalkerSamuraiOnly ranged rogue in the game. Skills are effectively useless.
Mei FangBSSRRogueArenaStalkerSamuraiHigh utility and CC makes Mei Fang great for PvP and situational use.
ShizuBSSRRogueAdventure/EventStalkerSamuraiHigh damage and some utility. Good masteries.
AltimaCSSRWarriorGuild RaidDark TemplarSamuraiWeaker defensive capabilities compared to other options.
BerettaCSSRAcolyteArenaArchbishopElementalistLow healing capability. Stun is situationally useful, but is relatively high cost considering how slowly healers build energy.
EmiliaCSSRAcolyteGuild RaidArchbishopElementalistRemove greater impair effects, CC, strong heals.
RaegarCSSRRogueGuild RaidStalkerSamuraiStrong buff skills. Buff removal makes Raegar situationally useful, but overall lackluster
TessDSSRRangerGuild RaidStalkerElementalistBuffs self with high damage but reduces attack speed. Lackluster compared to other options.
LeonDSSRWarriorTowerDark TemplarPaladinRelies on damage to heal, but damage is too low to be meaningful.
Shining Beyond Tier List + Reroll Guide

Credits to Nekomono#9932 + Official Community Discord (Shining Beyond)

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