Congratulations from graduating the reroll process

Early Game

  1. The first thing to do is to check your daily shop and purchase all the item mods from it. You will need them later and don’t forget.
  2. Rush story mode until you can unlock forge and forge your first SSR ticket that grants a free SSR.  Some people do this method and reroll after this. Masochists
  3. Story mode on normal difficulty should be straightforward for a while so continue on ahead and rush to join a good guild asap as you will need to buy specific resources from the guild shop.

Ideally, you want to purchase the class orb selector and both of the job relic chests before the week is over. Purple hero shards can be important, but not as much as you progress further into relic dungeons. Before the end of the normal story saga, you should have at least a T3 purple weapon on your two DPS units and there should be at least 5-6 stars to progress. Also, first-class jobs should be maxed out as well, and a job into the secondary job class. All of this should cost a bit over half a week or so more or less depending on how much you spent on the game or simply from having good luck with relic drops.  

General Tips for early game

  1. You can retry the stage for 3 stars and you use items to stun bosses and heal your team if you have trouble in passing the stage.
  2. Save your hourglasses for late game, especially gear hourglass and rune hourglasses. It’s possible to use player exp and other hourglasses that are not included above to get resources. Just wait for mid heroic to get the best use of it if you can’t wait then at least finish normal mode.
  3. You can do co-op mode on every x-5 of a chapter to save stamina as long your game doesn’t crash.
  4. Save your item mods early on as white item mods will disappear from the daily shop and you will use them to stack the drop rates on daily dungeons.
  5. Save your daily gear dungeon tickets that you purchase if you’re patient until you unlock the end of heroic gear dungeon gear 6 or the beginning of legendary dungeon gear 7 to get 5 star, purple gear selectors.  
  6. Purple gear starts to drop 17-1 from idle mode and grind any 6-star orange gear you have besides weapons to gear dust as the cost is really expensive to make and gets outdated pretty quickly by yellow gear. 
  7. Use excess weapon gear to forge into 6 stars and then into 7 stars unless it’s your main team or hero you’re planning to raise.
  8. This only applies to valiant heroes and other future special heroes

Use green omni shard to promote to 4 star
Same with blue omni to promote to 5 star
Start using purple shards to promote to 6 stars to save hero shards as valiants have a forge ratio of 15-5 shards. This tip probably only applies to very patient people or dolphins and whales in general, as omni shards are rare as a f2p.

  1. Use valianite to promote heroes to 7 star and beyond if you have enough hero shards

The ending of mid game

Mid game ends when you have at least a t4-5 weapon on your dps with good sub-stats and a team full of 7 stars and t3 purple equipment on most of your 4 main heroes with their secondary job nearly maxed out at least 10/12. 

If your tank is weak, like 40k hp or less, they are going to die at late heroic and the beginning of the legend, however, it can be mitigated by having 2-3 DPS or 2- and semi DPS units having attack ranging from 15k-20k attack damage with a decent amount of crit rate of 80%.  Any less and you will probably lose a lot of stars.  Melee DPS has a higher requirement to survive legendary mode since they usually get one-shotted by skills or simply auto attack to death without any defense skills.

Yeah my 80k hp shizu still dies in 2 shots if she can’t dodge or deflect the hit lol. This takes a week and half to do unless special events are really generous, and depending how much you waste your gems, it could take less.

Also at this stage all your saved item mods should be in your inventory and ready for the relic dungeon and whatnot to spam for glorious rewards. 

For gold it should be 3-4mil per run

Gear dungeon 1mil in gear dust possibly

Class and relic dungeon at the end of the legendary daily dungeon.

Late Game – Congrats for reading this far

Well you made it this far to the guide where most of the first week players should be at now or thereabouts.

There’s a few important things to do 

  1. Rush to 17-1 to spam your much-saved gear hourglass to get 7-star gear drops from idle mode. Use stamina recharge if you feel like it.
  2. Gem income is running out after all that dungeon spamming, so in preparation for the future, you should be already saving your gems that you haven’t been needing to use on future heroes or events.  20-25k is ideal, any more is just hoarding, although it’s a good thing since the future is uncertain. 
  3. Since its still beta, rune dungeon will become important with a yellow skill slot for runes
  4. By now you should think the arena is dumb and anyone who is trying to climb is kind of dumb or just a pure PVP fan.
  5. Guild raid should be cake at your hero level around 120-130, if not then something seriously wrong lol
  6. Emiko might be a little broken 😀
  7. You should be all ready to start building your tower class dungeon team
  8. There will be 8 stars to 10 stars available when it comes out,  no one knows yet, and in addition, the hero bond awakens and the world boss.
  9. Please don’t cheat, it isn’t fun for people who play it right if you do cheat, just do single-player content okay.

Tips and Tricks

Probably useful or not so useful tips that you might know

  1. Healers are currently dumb besides Theia in late game
  2. You can kite the tower boss by not going to the boss room and staying on the edge to draw the minions out.
  3. Leaving your guild might have a cooldown or not just ask the guild leader to kick you if you’re worried about cooldown.
  4. There’s a lot of bugs, inventory full item bug 100/200, just press okay, move on if it keeps popping back up.  Buy an item slot and silence it for a while if you’re lucky.
  5. Sometimes bosses may be stuck with pathing issues and so your units can too. You could use this to pass a hard stage if you’re patient.
  6. You can use excess exp pots for basic relics at the start, not recommended
  7. Runes are really rare XD
  8. Why are you still reading this?

Credits to Nekomono#9932

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