Shadow Seven is a PVP oriented mobile game developed by Neptune. Set in a world struck by evil and chaos, Shadow Seven follows the story of the Moonlight Mercenaries who have sworn to bring back peace and protect the world from the Demon Duchess’ destruction.

Shadow Seven – Anime-Style PVP Mobile Game Early Access Begin

ShadowSeven - a 5vs5 Turn based PvP mobile game

Shadow Seven is a 1v1 PVP game where you fight each other using 5 units each.

Battle of seven leaders and mercenaries to prevent the resurrection of the seven demons who were sealed in the 7th kingdom for centuries.

Become a hero/heroin by winning a combat considering characteristics of leaders and mercenaries!

Your team consists of 1 leader and 4 units.

You either win by:

-Wiping out opponent

-Have more kills at the end of the game

-Kill leader


-Unit level

-Equip weapon

-Equip armor

-Spell cards


Shadow Seven started its Early Access on December 3, 2019. The official global release on Android and iOS devices is expected to arrive in early 2020. Stay tuned for more updates!


■ The fun of various strategies

Create a victorious strategy with a combination of 7 Individual leaders and 36 mercenaries.

■ A unique story and individual character

– Meet the various characters matching main story and the hidden side story.

■ Unique battle system

– Choose carefully each turn, like a board game, to win for the battle game.

■ Global real time PVP

Experience a strategic PVP with users from all around the world in real time.

■ Various power-up factors

Gather characters pieces and make them stronger with promotion system.

Make stronger characters with powerful equipments.

Our Experience

As someone who has played the JP version of the game, I believe that the game is really fun and PVP focus. The gameplay is somewhat similar to Clash Royale but with a smaller ladder. However, they could do some improvements on the opponent-matching system. The game is very grindy and requires a lot of good gears to proceed in high elo. 10/10 art.

Nevertheless, we are excited to see its Global release next year.


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by Evenil
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