Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – Spenders’ Guide

As requested, here is your first guide on how-to-spend on SDS

Firstly, let me tell you straight: It is okay to be F2P on this game. Within a week, I’ve seen a few F2Ps reaching 100k cc. Which means, the game itself is very F2P-friendly.

Since SDS runs based on Ads-income, they try to balance out the difference between P2Ws and F2ps, as they rely on a large playerbase for profits. However, spending does give you some advantages, mostly due to the reduced time for upgrading and acquiring better units.

Spending Tiers

Tier 0: F2P

Why are you here?

Tier 1: $50

Weekly/monthly bundles! You probably have played enough games to know this but – most of the time – they are the best deals! Grab all the weekly/monthly bundles and the rank up bundle(s) ASAP. This should total about $42.


Tier 2: $50 – $250

All weekly/monthly bundles PLUS:

Right now, there is also the Awaken [Collector] Merlin bundle at $23.99. Not using Merlin? Doesn’t matter. Get it for the cups! The price is super great for all the materials and cups included. It will take you days, or weeks, to farm these mats. Skip if you are okay with farming.

Stamina Booster packs (3/3) at $7.99 a pop are also very useful for farming. You might not need it early game, but once your team is built, you will need a lot of stamina to farm.

The Slater Bundle ($29.99) is great for red demon, while the King Bundle ($34.99) is great for grey demon. Green Meli pack ($39.99)is great for story. However, you can always reroll and concentrate on one team, while getting carried in the others.

The hero bundle ($23.99) guarantees an SSR. Test your luck if you want to.

Tier 3: $250 – $1000

Buy all the above PLUS:

Buy 4 sets of gears – My recommendation is 3 attacks and 1 def ($23.99 each). Put them on your 4 main characters so that each of them are wearing 4 attack gears and 2 defense gears for the bonus.

Buy the Evolution packs if you want to rush. If not, they are very easy to farm, you can pass these.

The Limit Break packs (3/3 – $23.99 each) are very helpful once you reach UR 60 but not built yet for farming demons.

Consider buying some gold bundles and farm awaken stones at boss stages (plus salvage your gears) to enhance your gears. Most of your stats come from your gears.

Buy all the diamond packs at 1+1 discount (first purchase bonus) and expand your inventory for overnight farming.

Consider buying a few awaken stone packages to rush gears for faster farming.

Tier 4: Whales

Just buy everything.


Don’t be a dumb whale (like me). If you are buying gold packages, REMEMBER TO SPAWN VERONICA FOR 20% MORE GOLD FROM SELLING CHESTS!

Here is how to summon Veronica in your tavern. Talk to her and send her a gift. SEND HER A GIFT! First time daily summon is free, and the next one will cost you 1 diamond.

by Evenil
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