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Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – Reroll/Tierlist/Beginner’s Guide

Reroll Advice

In your first 10 rolls, you are guaranteed to get of of these 7 SSRs.

The ones recommended are Arthur, Green King, Green Eli, and Green Meliodas.


Besides being hot, Arthur rocks an awesome buff which is very helpful for your team. Probably my pick for the initial SSR. However, if you are willing to whale, Arthur is available through exchange.

Green Meliodas is best character for clearing PVE story with his counter ability. Available with beginner’s pack.

Green King is one of the best DPS for annihilation grey demon. Initial pick if you are going to grab Arthur from exchange.

Green Eli is an amazing healer, but as you get Blue King later on in the story, her role becomes redundant. 


There is a pack to give you Green Meliodas so reroll for Green King and get Meliodas off the pack if you are whale.

Other recommended characters after doing your first 10 pulls include Blue Slader, who is an extremely good crimson demon killer.

Green Jericho is best dps for PVE bosses until this week, where she got overshadowed by Derieri.

Howzer is a great AOE unit for clearing story fast.

Notable SR Units

Red Eli (Non-Pig) has a great unique party heal, while her pig version is a budget DPS. If you are using human Eli as support, put her as sub. Who needs Green Eli when she exists?

Holy Knight Gilthunder is an amazing budget buffer.

Gustav is a budget CC unit with freeze.

Different available tierlists


Circled top units are currently in the pool


Recommended gear sets for each character (from JP server)

Types of Gear

Atk (+20%) – 4 parts

Defense (+20%) – 2 parts

Life (+20%) – 4 parts

Crit Chance (+30%) – 4 parts

Crit Resistance (+20%) – 2 parts

Heal Efficiency (+20%) – 2 parts

Crit Dmg (+20%) – 2 parts

Life steal (+10%) – 2 parts

Crit Defense (+10%) – 2 parts

by John & Eiyuu
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