Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – Guild Boss (Normal) Guide

Getting to the Guild Raid Boss

The latest Guild Update introduced us to a new Boss mode: The Guild Boss. Access the Boss by going in your Guild Headquarter and head to the Guild Boss NPC.

How to do Guild Raid Boss (Normal) with Jericho strats

Currently on Global, we only have access to the Normal boss, which is actually, not very “Hard” (LOL I’m so meme, jokes). But that is also the hard part – How to get max points on a boss that die literally from your units sneezing at it?

Hence, one method I’ve found that worked decently for me at least is to run Jericho and green team, with double buffs (Green Holy Knight Gilthunder and Green Helbram) and max level Freeze with Gustav (for 200% extra damage). Jericho ultimate can finish the boss with a nice chunk of damage even though her element is Disadvantage.


The Boss Strategy

To sum it up, you want Jericho to use her ultimate when these 3 conditions collide: Max level Gil’s buff, Max level Helbram’s buff, Max level Gustav’s freeze (THE FREEZE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT!). Then, besides those conditions, you have to pray that you Jericho CRITS. You can use crit food for this but since you will be doing a lot of runs to line up these RNGs, you may waste a lot of food instead.

Round 1: Use 2 Jericho’s skills + 2 others (not buffs or freeze).

Round 2: Hope for 2-3 buffs + freeze. If not, end the run and re-run.

Round 3: Prepare for Jericho’s ultimate. You can do this by moving her skills around. Moving skills +1 to the Ultimate bar.

Round 4+: Pray for RNG and line all the buffs + freeze up for Jericho’s ultimate. The most important factor is Gustav’s freeze and Jericho Ultimate to crit.

P/s: Merlin can be used instead of Gustav, but try not to kill the boss with Merlin *cries*.

Easy, right? Well, good luck.

UPDATED March 18th, 2020 - credits to Cloud

NOTE: After every 25% lost hp (estimated) he will lose one passive buff. If possible Burst him at below 25% HP.

by Evenil
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