Seven Deadly Sins – Grand Cross: Gears Guide

Gear Guide

Gear sets for everyone:

-Attack set (4 pcs)

-Defense set (2 pcs)

Optional/situational for DPS:

-Critical Damage set (2 pcs)

Main stats (green bar) should be rerolled to at least 90%+ of the possible range. In this case 507 Attack+ (Range=130, 90% = +117, 390+117= 507)

Possible substats (blue bar) on each gear. You want 2.5%+ in all of them and for Pierce 5%+.

Generally the substats should be Attack / Defense / HP but in situational cases (specific characters) you can also have Crit Damage or Pierce Rate.

Individual Character Gear Guide

For Individual Gear Guide for Popular Characters, check out this article here.

by Eiyuu
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