Realm of Alters: Pre-Order and Possible Release Date

Realm of Alters: The Lost Relic, developed by Ember Entertainment Limited, is now available for pre-order on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.  

Realm of Alters is a turn-based collectible card game that boasts over 200 cards with fantasy-style art.  The player uses decks of 40 cards along with a Champion to challenge other players online or solo AI opponents in story mode.  The game self-claims to be similar to Hearthstone or Shadowverse, but with randomness being less of a factor in match outcomes.

Realm of Alters started its Closed Beta on August 23rd, and moved into its Open Beta on October 31st.  The pre-order page on the App store lists an expected availability date of Jan 23, 2020. However, the developer has not made an official launch announcement, so that date may be suspect.

Here is the official non-English trailer:

by Alyeska
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