Ranger is a bow wielding class that specializes in long range attacks & kiting. I consider her to be the most well-rounded of the 5 starting classes as she excels in farming, pvp & bossing while maintaining high mobility. She is also the only true ranged dps character out of the 5 starting classes (Witch is half-melee)

Awakening Class: Wind Walker

Absolute Class: Hunter

Class Rating

AreaRating ( 0 - 10 )
PvE farming9
PvE boss9

Skill Priority

Skill NameLevelExplanationPvE PvPBoss
Spin Kick1Melee skill, not worth using15th15th15th
True Shot1AoE skill with piercing for farming. Great for bossing as well as it is one
of the highest %damage skill if all arrows hits the same target
Evasive Maneuver4Great in the early-game but should be replaced after unlocking
the higher level skills
Tearing Arrow7Rapid-fire single target skill that can hit multiple targets if they
are on top of each other, useful against bosses
Blasting Gust10Main cc skill for PvP, can be used while moving and has one of
the fastest cast-speed
Will of the Wind14Main AoE skill for farming, can be used while moving and is one
of the highest %damage skills w/ the extra-hits enhancement
Evasive Explosive Shot18Best kiting skill in the game (especially after absolute advancement)11th2nd11th
Dagger of Protection22Melee skill, not worth using13th13th13th
Razor Wind27Rapid-fire single target skill that can hit multiple targets if they
are on top of each other, useful against bosses. More useful than
tearing arrow in PvP as the last shot is a knockdown
Spin Blade31Melee skill, not worth using14th14th14th
Spinning Shot36Amazing skill for all 3 categories. Has high %damage, hard cc,
decent AoE and fast cast-speed
Piercing Arrow40Highest %damage skill but has a long cast-time6th6th4th
Call of the Earth45Healing skill, must have for farming. Decent for PvP as well1st8th10th
Flurry of Arrows50Long range AoE nuke, great in any situation3rd3rd5th
Descending Current55Ultimate skill, AoE rain of arrows that also stuns but has a long

-High damage class with excellent kiting abilities

-Long range class

-Considered by most as the strongest arena class in korea

-Amazing in mass pvp like node wars

-Highest single-target damage of the 5 starting classes

-One of the fastest field-farmers


-Less CC than the other classes

-Very susceptible to CC

-Has a hard time chasing down escaping enemies


-Use true shot in melee range against bosses so that all the arrows strike the same target for massive burst damage

-Use blasting gust and move at the same time to dodge enemy attacks (can also be done with will of the wind & evasive maneuver)

-Use Labreve as main branch damage as it covers the most important skills

-Turn off the shoot-with-the-wind enhancement for piercing arrow to avoid accidentally canceling the skill

-Use evasive explosive shot in a direction your enemy wouldn’t expect to avoid getting cc’d as soon as you land

Writer: Cat Daddy (Chris)

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