Quick Review: Bleach Mobile 3D

Bleach Mobile 3D: A Mobile Gacha MMORPG for Bleach Fans

On November 15 Bleach Mobile 3D launched their Open Beta Test worldwide. The game is co-developed by GameArk from China and KLabGames from Japan.  There will not be a data wipe after OBT completes, so players can safely play and spend without fear of losing time or money. Official full release is slated for the end of November.

Bleach Mobile 3D not only follows the original story of Rukia Kuchiki and Ichigo Kurosaki, but also recreates scenes from the original work in locations like the Soul Society, the Rukon District, the Seireitei, and Las Noches.  Bleach Mobile 3D is open-world so players can explore per their own interests at their own pace. Each character is voiced by the original VAs from the anime, and has unique skills and playstyles.


Bleach Mobile 3D is a MMO ARPG action mobile game that allows players to step into the shoes of the characters from the original BLEACH story.  The player controls a single character at a time, both while traversing the open world and while engaging in combat.

The players party consists of 1 main character (the one being directly maneuvered by the player) and 2 assist characters.  The assist characters appear on-screen while moving about the world, but do not appear in battle. In combat, the main character is the only character visible and provides the basic attack and 3 Main Skills.  Each assist character provides a usable Assist Skill. Every character is developed and equipped individually, and the stats of all three are summed for the overall stat totals. All three characters in the primary party can be assigned a Bound character as well. The Bound character provides an additional attribute bonus plus additional effects if they share a special bond.

During combat, the player actively maneuvers the main character on the field of battle to avoid enemy attacks and to position for their own attacks.  The player can choose to execute normal attacks, Main Skills, Assist Skills, and Enrage. Normal attack has no cooldown and can be spammed at will. The 3 main skills and 2 assist skills are limited by cooldowns.  Rage gradually builds up over the course of a fight, and when the rage reaches a sufficient amount, Enrage mode can be entered.

Typical story mode battles consist of putting the smack down on hordes of small fries, and the occasional boss fight.  There are many other modes of gameplay as well, including pvp and co-op battles, limited time raid bosses, guild/association dungeons, material farming dungeons, and several others. 

Combat can be controlled manually for tougher content, or put on auto so you can do other things while you are farming.

Here is a clip of normal dungeon combat.

The Gacha

Nearly all of your favorite BLEACH characters are playable in Bleach Mobile 3D.  Characters come in SSR, SR, and R rarities. Some are available in multiple rarities, though not all.

New characters are acquired in two ways.  Either pulling them directly from the gachas, or by collecting 30 soul fragments that can then be combined to summon the character and make them yours.  Character soul fragments can be gained from a variety of different sources, including the gacha, quests, game shops, and guild donations.

There are two main gachas in BLEACH Mobile 3D, the normal recruitment and the advanced recruitment.  There are also occasional Limited Gachas that contain limited availability character fragments.

The Normal Recruitment gacha can be pulled every 10 minutes for free, or by the use of a Character Recruit Coupon, which are gained via quests and bonus awards. The normal gacha contains R and SR characters, R, SR, and SSR character fragments, and soulstones.  Soulstones are currency used to purchase character fragments from the soulstone store. for various items, including character fragments and Rates for the normal gacha are as follows:

  • SR Character: .40%
  • R Character: .79%
  • SSR Character fragment: 3.16%
  • Soulstone: 19.76%
  • SR Character Fragment: 33.98%
  • R Character Fragment: 41.92%

The Advanced Recruitment gacha can be pulled once a day for free, or through the use of Advanced Recruitment Coupons.  These coupons are acquired via some quest/bonus awards, or through purchase of premium currency. The advanced gacha contains SSR, SR, and R characters, SSR, SR, and R Character Fragments, and Soulstones.  Rates are as follows:

  • SSR Character: 3.53%
  • SR Character: 7.24%
  • R Character: 5.43%
  • SSR Character fragment: 8.13%
  • Soulstone: 19.07%
  • SR Character Fragment: 32.18%
  • R Character Fragment: 24.41%

Overall, the rates are pretty decent for gacha games in general.

Here is a short clip of the gacha in action:

Launch/New Player Bonuses

There are currently no rewards or campaigns specifically for launch. There is an event called Carnival that looks like a new player event that runs for 7 days after game start and gives excellent rewards, including a Kenpachi Zaraki SSR Character.


You might want to try this game if:

  • You are a Bleach fan
  • You are looking for a new mobile MMORPG

You might want to avoid this game if:

  • The Bleach name isn’t a draw
  • You are already playing games you enjoy

Bleach Mobile 3D seems like a solid MMO RPG.  Combat, character, and game modes are all interesting, and there is a ton of stuff to do.  Bleach fans will enjoy collecting and battling as their favorite anime characters, and immersing themselves in the BLEACH worlds.  For non-Bleach fans, however, the game doesn’t seem to offer much else to differentiate itself from its competition.


by Alyeska
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