Hello everyone, I have heard your concerns of wanting to have a new Tier List People often are curious about whether they should be looking at Co-Op Tier Lists, Solo Tier lists. But I feel like those battle modes doesn’t really matter that much at the current state of the game, so instead. We at our discord have attempted to focus on the Battle Villa to make a proper Tier List. All of the Sync Pairs has been tested several times, so the list is very accurate so i’m very proud to present you this list, I would also like to give huge credits to Hugo who follows up on a lot of the Sync Pairs over at my Discord.

To begin with, this Tier list Does Not Include Technical Tier List, due to the belief that we still do not see them doing that well. So they have been categorized as either Striker or Support . So if you like a specific Technical Sync Pair. Go For it! We have also chosen not to go too much into details/explanations, for now as we tried to keep the tier list very simplistic and short. We are definitely happy to discuss/explain any inquiry over at our discord We might end up editing the article over time to add more details.


A lot of the Sync Pairs are very close to each other, so the scoring will actually begin with Tier 0, then 0.5 and then 1. The reason for this is that the Sync Pairs are all very strong. So you shouldn’t feel bad if you use a Tier 0.5 or even a Tier 1. They are all good up there. – P.s. Sync Pairs with Sync Grids has been marked with Sync Grid Symbol, so if you are curious what those Icon means, it’s that they are meant to be invested on for their specific position on the Tier List. So a non-invested Sync Pair isn’t as strong and needs some Grinding. Lastly the tier list will only have two kinds. One for Strikers, and another one for Supports & Tanks.

Striker Battle Villa Tier List

Make sure that if you use any of the sync pairs that they are invested with Sync Grid, as we above have market them.

Support / Tank Battle Villa Tier List

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