Hi everyone, this SYP will not be as detailed as normally, but I’ll soon update the entire article to add more in depth. First of all it’s Eid now, So happy Eids for all of you who celebrates it. May you have a nice time with friends and family. The reason this got quick is because I got caught up in few things but that I should still give you all an update.

We are now at 1st anniversary and they are adding quite powerful Sync Pairs, so here is a quick character run downs – I’ll update this article within 1-2 days with all the information, so please check back.

1. Summer Steven & Alolan Sandslash- Pull : Yes. It’s a nice Physical Striker. at best it’s just a decent striker, but what makes it great is that it’s an ice type, which we have few of, so incase you need decent Ice Damage, it’s worth the pull – Yes Worth the Pull

2. Lyra & Jigglypuff: a bit situational but just like Ice element, Fairy is very rare, so for same reasons it’s worth having. Jigglybuff is additionally strong if you face an encounter who uses sleep, due to “Solo act” support move which wakes jiggly up and empowers the offensive capabilities even further. – Yes Worth The Pull

3. Cyrus and Palkia: Stats aren’t the greatest, best factor is the giant health pool, the kit has +1 dire hit included in his 3 power move, and sync move is +1 crit too, so palkia will need +2 dire hit for 100% crit chance, and +3 dire hit for 100% crit chance on Sync Move. as sync move is (-1 Dire hit) This feels like a free Legendary Event, so I guess they do not wanna spoil us with a very strong sync pair. – Legendary event so prolly free But not really that good

4. Cynthia finally gets her Sygna Suit we knew this since Day 1 of game where we found the Sygna Suit of Kommo-o. – It looks like Kommo-o will be an AoE Lance/Dragonite. So ask yourselves how you found the Hyper Beam spam on Dragonite, and think AoE. I definitely wanna pull here. oh and it’s Cynthia so hands down. Who isn’t pulling for waifu ? Waifu Hi Yes

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