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Solo content, it is not recommended to pull Drifblim.

Co-Op content, it is Recommended to pull for Drifblim. Morty & Drifblim comes with a great synergy that benefits Co-Op Gameplay and is worth checking out if you wish to invest in it.

Should You Pull Morty & Drifblim

Morty is our newest Sync Pair within the universe of Pokémon Masters. Morty brings us his entrusted partner Drifblim which is categorised as a Physical Striker Ghost Pokémon. Morty & Drifblim will come with their own Solo Event Morty’s Secret Ghost Training

Pokémon Stats

Drifblim is a Ghost type. it is weak to Electric. A 5-star Striker Sync Pair.

Morty & Drifblim Sync Pair Stats Level 120

Stat NameStat ValueRank Among All Sync Pairs at Same Level
Sp. Attack28338
Sp. Defence102138
Overall Bulk458

In terms of stats, Drifblim is very lacking for a striker, there isn’t any forte where it excels at, which is why it is not recommended to pick up Drifblim for Solo Content. We will now head into Abilities and Passive to look into what makes Drifblim decent in Co-Op.

Ability and Passive Rundown


Morty comes with two supportive skills one is “Dire Hit +” which is +2 Critical Strike chance a very self explanatory support skill, the second support skill is “Pierce the Veil!”

Pierce the Veil: sharply raises Drifblims Attack +2 Sp.atk and Evasiveness by +1. If Drifblim is affected by a status condition, the effect will further increase, as in additional buffs than +1 to each will be granted, making it a very strong offensive support skill.

When taking a look at Drifblims own abilities, we have the following two abilities. “Shadow Ball” and “Phantom Force”

Shadow Ball: Power Move 99 (118) has 100% accuracy and comes with a secondary bonus ability “Small Chance” of lowering the opponents Special Defence, so merely a chance of increasing your overall damage as the fight goes on. This move is a Special Attack move.

Phantom Force: Just like the actual Pokémon game mechanic turn 1 it hides, and turn 2 strikes the enemy, so it is a two-step move now for Pokémon Masters it has very much a two-step ability too. The first part is Drifblim takes on a Phantom Presence, during this presence you can not do any other action. While the Presence is on opponents can’t target Drifblim, except from Sync Move. The second part of the move is that after a period of time, Drifblim will automatically leave the Phantom Presence and strike the opponent.
Power Move 160 (192) 100% Accuracy, has a limited use. Max 3 times per battle. This move is a Physical Attack Move.

Sync Move

The Sync Move of Drifblim “Mystic Seer Phantom Force” is a straight up Power Move. Physical and 250 (300) Power. No additional effects.


Drifblim comes with three passives. Shook 2, Last Word & Benefactor, which enables Drifblim to potentially become a decent Striker Sync Pair in Pokémon Masters.

Shook 2: The very first time Drifblim drops to or below 50%, Drifblim will Sharply self-buff Speed. Which is +2 Speed. Do not forget that this is limited to once per battle.

Last Word: The moment Drifblim faints it will self destruct dealing damage one final time. Game follows a kill order, so if Drifblim kills first then dies, you will still complete the mission.

Benefactor: You can at any point switch Drifblim out for another Sync Pair, transferring Drifblim’s Positive Stats to the switched Sync Pair, so if you have a negative stat it will not be transferred.


Now that we got a run-down of all abilities and passives we can finally talk about the Strength and Weaknesses of Drifblim, in this section we will go over everything that is great and not so great.


Drifblim via “Dire Hit +” & “Pierce the Veil!” can self buff itself very high granting a total of 3/3 Critical Strike which is 100% Chance (80% With Sync Move) and +4 Attack +2 Special Attack, Evasion +6/4/4 if Drifblim suffers from a Status Condition. The play-style here is that Drifblim can power itself up and be on the offence for quite a while, the moment he drops to or below 50% health “Shook 2” will Trigger granting Drifblim addtional +3 buffs. This is the moment that it will be possible for the player to switch Drifblim out for another Sync Pair granting it potentially +3 Dire Hit, +4 (+6) Attack +2(+4) Special Attack & Evasion, while also granting +2 Speed. Making Drifblim an absolute beast Support Striker for the Next Striker in line.


Drifblim by himself have very poor offensive capabilities when it comes to base stats, the amazing self buffs definitely helps a lot but it doesn’t change the fact that Drifblim has horrible base stats, this is the reason we do not recommend drifblim in Solo Content as the Switch in-out mechanic doesn’t exist for “Benefactor”. Another weakness is that when you switch Drifblim out he loses all his stats, so “Last Word” while amazing to have extra damage before throwing the towel into the ring it sadly loses it’s powers when Drifblim is stripped from it’s buffs. As the +4 (+6) Attack buff will no longer be present.

Synergy & Conclusion

At this point of time, i’m assuming a lot of you already know where the synergy is with Drifblim, which is the 2nd Striker waiting in line. You can have a Mega Pokémon ready to evolve by right of the bat if you saved your Sync Move and getting a +3 Dire Hit, +4 (+6) Attack / Special Attack / Evasion is only going to make them happier. So for Co-Op this brings out an entirely new strategy to the field. I hereby would like to conclude that Drifblim has a spot in Co-op. So if you need a Supportive Striker Sync Pair, I recommend you pulling for Drifblim!.

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