three kindom

Welcome to the official launch of Three Kingdoms: Domination!We are honored to have you back and for that, we are opening the gates with various events! This time, all progress will be saved!

Event 1: Server Opening Carnival

Join the festivities and progress in the game to receive various rewards such as Coins, Attribute Reset and much more!Categories:
– Raise your level!
– Increase your building levels!
– Forge your weapons of war!
– Clear the Tower!
– Annihilate the bandits!
– King Trader of the Auction House!
– Aid Jingzhou!
– Recruit the mighty Generals!

Event 2: Top Up Event

• Top Up 5 days in a row and get the Legendary General, Yuan Shao!
• Accumulated purchases in the game will shower you with many gifts! Grab this opportunity to get Enhance Stones, Coins, and even a Legendary Limit Material Box!

Event 3: Season 1 “Spring” – Battle for Jingzhou

Spring Contest: Participate in “Jingzhou: Final Battle” event to obtain points and claim rewards relative to the number of points gained. Points also put you in the overall ranking for the season.

Event 4: Login Bonus

Login every day and receive bountiful rewards and recruit the ever so beautiful Da Qiao!

Event 5: Season Gacha Rate Up!

Get a chance of recruiting the mighty Lu Bu and the “Crouching Dragon” Zhuge Liang during the official launch!

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