New Game Launch: Bleach Mobile 3D OBT

New Game Release: Bleach Mobile 3D OBT

On November 15 Bleach Mobile 3D launched worldwide. The game is co-developed by GameArk from China and KLabGames from Japan.  Android users can pick up the game on their local Google Play store.  Unfortunately for iOS users, the game has not yet been released for Apple devices.  Official statements do not give a release date for iOS, but simply say “OBT is coming soon on iOS”. The game can, however, be pre-orded on its Apple Store page for immediate download upon launch.

There will not be a data wipe after OBT completes, so players can safely play and spend without fear of losing time or money.  Official full release is slated for the end of November.

Bleach Mobile 3D is a MMO ARPG action mobile game that allows players to take control of the characters from the original BLEACH story.  The game not only follows the original story of Rukia Kuchiki and Ichigo Kurosaki, but also recreates scenes from the original work in locations like the Soul Society, the Rukon District, the Seireitei, and Las Noches.  Bleach Mobile 3D is open-world so players can explore per their own interests at their own pace. Each character is voiced by the original VAs from the anime, and has unique skills and playstyles.  

A trailer for the game can be viewed here:

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