New Gacha Quick Review – Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos

Might and Magic Heroes, Gacha Style

On November 26th, Ubisoft launched its newest mobile title – Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos (M&M Heroes: EoC).  The game appears to be an English language version of the game they released in China in 2017. Set in the Might and Magic Heroes Universe, the game is described as an Army Battle Strategic RPG. 


The player starts the game with the hero Cathrine, who is on a quest to retake her homeland of Erathia.  In the story Adventure Mode, the player moves their hero through the world from node to node. Nodes can be caves, castles, monsters, or any number of things, but a battle nearly always awaits.  There are two main types of battles: open field battles and sieges, though their combat and strategic elements are similar . At times, there may be items, units, or buildings on the map that the player can click on or collect.

The players army consists of one Hero and a number of battle units.  The Hero has a set of unique passives and spells that are useful in combat.  Many heroes can be collected and enhanced, but only 1 can participate in the battle at a time.  Battle units come in 5 different types: Attack, Defense, Charge, Ranged, and Caster. Each class has its own general strengths and weaknesses, and each specific unit has its own equipment, skills, bonuses, and star level.  The number of units a player can take into battle is determined by the player level.

Before battle, units are placed strategically on a 4×4 grid.  Each type of unit has restrictions on where it can be placed. In PvE, opposing force placement can be seen, but not in PvP.  Once battle begins, the units move toward the enemy and attack per their described AI. Players only control when/where to cast hero spells, though this can also be put on auto-mode.  Hero spells cost mana, which is gained steadily as time passes. 

M&M Heroes: EoC has a large variety of game modes, including damage aggregation, AI controlled PvP, unit shard/enhancement farming,  training, and others. One mode that is particularly interesting, is the Guild Adventure Mode, where you are and your guildmates asynchronously explore a world map populated by enemy NPCs, resources, dungeons, production nodes, etc, and are contested by other guilds.

See a gameplay video clip here:

The Gacha

Units are gained in M&M Heroes: EoC by collecting their fragments.  The number of fragments required for recruitment varies from unit to unit.  Unit fragments are acquired from quest/login/mission rewards, guild donations, and from the gachas.

There are 2 nameless gachas, so I will call them the blue gacha, and the gold gacha (You will know which is which).  Pulling the blue gacha requires blue keys, which are gained via mission, quest, and daily rewards. The blue gacha contains units, unit fragments, and various enhancement/currency items at the following rates:

  • R/SR Unit: 3%
  • R/SR Unit Fragment: 14%
  • Others: 83%

Pulling the gold gacha requires harder-to-find golden keys or the premium currency: crystals.  The gold gacha contains units and unit fragments at the following rates:

  • SSR: 1.41%
  • SR/R: 5.5%
  • SR/R fragment: 93.09%

These rates are a bit on the low side compared to most gachas being released at the moment.

See a video clip of the character gacha here:

Launch/New Player Bonuses

To celebrate the Global Launch, M&M Heroes: EoC is awarding 8 days of special login rewards, including heroes and SR units.  They are also running a Launch Carnival, a special set of missions with exclusive rewards that runs for 7 days.


So, the big question, “Should I play this game?”  Here is my quick answer:

You should consider trying this game if:

  • You like autobattler games, and are looking for something new
  • You have friends to play with and want to try a different, interesting kind of co-op guild vs guild mode.

You can probably pass on this game if:

  • You are a fan of the original Might & Magic and its gameplay.  You will not find it here. This has a Might & Magic skin, but it is a gacha game and auto-battler at heart.
  • You don’t like the low gacha rates.

Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos is a Hero and unit collector, and an auto-battler.  The many options for heroes and units, their strengths and weaknesses, the battlefield AI, and the strategic pre-combat positioning, all combine to make gameplay rather interesting and engaging, despite its hands-off nature.  The Guild Adventure mode, where you work with your guildies to explore a special map and take on other guilds, is especially unique and has potential to be interesting. The game has gotten a lot of VERY negative feedback and reviews, which I think is in large part due to the games divergence in gameplay from its franchise predecessors.  I don’t feel like it quite deserves such low ranks, and if you don’t go into it expecting an old Might and Magic game, you might find a game worth playing. That being said, there is nothing really exceptional here, and it doesn’t surpass some of its more popular competition. It’s an average title, that will interest some, but isn’t likely to pull people away from games they are already enjoying.


by Alyeska
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