New Gacha Quick Review: Girl’s War Z

Girl’s War Z: Girls, Guns, Zombies

On November 20th, Com2US globally launched the idle defense Mobile RPG Girl’s War Z.  A virus has turned the world into ravaging zombies, and only cute loli girls are immune!  Can you save the world with your kawaii army?

 The game was soft launched in the Philippines on Sept 29th, and has also been previously launched in KR.


Girl’s War Z is primarily an idle combat game.  Your gun-totin cuties line up on one side of a barricade, and wave after wave of crazed flesh-eating zombies rush in while your army blows them away with an assortment of guns and special attacks.  When a little lady runs out of bullets, they run away to safety. A stage ends when either your entire team has headed back to the dorm, or the zombies crush the barrier.

The players kawaii army consists of a barracks of 30 girls, 6 of which are the Advance Group and enter the battle as front-line combatants.  Up to 6 additional students form the Backup Group and come to the frontline as a replacement when one of the initial Advance Group run out of ammo.  Each student has a special active skill, passive skills, a weapon proficiency, and equipment and accessories.

Combat is idle except for the use of each student’s special attack, which the player can click manually to deploy strategically, or set to automatic usage.  Skills with multiple uses have cooldowns attached. Several game modes are available, but they all share the same idle combat.

Outside combat, your school can be upgraded for perks, you can interact with your chibi lolis on the school yard (including things like watching them skip rope), and the story is told through Instant Messages with your students.

There is no PvP mode per se, but schools can compete for overall progress (eg, how many waves you’ve cleared) .  This, however, is cumulative (current leaders have over 30,000) waves, so if you want to try to compete, good luck catching up to people who have been playing the game for months already.

See a gameplay video clip here:

The Gacha

Girls and guns can be acquired as battle rewards, however, in the Black Market gachas of Girl’s War Z, is where you will likely find your high tier students or weapons.  Students come in rarities of SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, and D, though D rarity students are not part of the gacha. There is also a chance to draw a special costume. The higher the rarity of student, the more detailed their sprite art.  Low rarity sprites are completely generic. Rates are as follows:

  • SSS: .04%
  • SS: .4%
  • S: 3.56%
  • A: 16%
  • B: 32%
  • C: 48%

Each type of weapon has its own gacha, and requires an in-game currency that is more easily farmable than premium currency.  Gun rarities are the same as student rarities, and the gacha rates are as follows:

  • SSS: .01%
  • SS: .1%
  • S: 1.14%
  • A: 8.75%
  • B: 15%
  • C: 48%
  • D: 40%

Overall I think it is nice that weapons and characters are split up into different gachas so that you can target what you want to pull. However, having 7 different rarities, including 3 different S rarities, seems a bit overkill and unnecessarily convoluted.  Also, the pull rates for the highest rarities of Girls and Guns is ridiculously low at .04 and .01%

See a video clip of the character gacha here:

Launch/New Player Bonuses

To celebrate the Global Launch, Girl’s War Z will be giving out an S Grade Student ticket and 10000 Red Gems (summoning currency) to players that log in from Nov. 20th – Dec. 21st 6:59am PST.  There is also a special 15-day check-in that includes an SSS Student summon ticket on the last day (see image below).


So, the big question, “Should I play this game?”  Here is my quick answer:

You should consider trying this game if:

  • You REALLY like Lolis
  • You are very interested in a kawaii style idle game

You can probably pass on this game if:

  • You are looking for strategic gameplay
  • You don’t have a loli obsession
  • You don’t like chibi sprites
  • You want your characters to have a story or personalities.

Girl’s War Z is a loli lovers idle defense game. Girls can be equipped with guns, dressed in outfits, interacted with in the school yard, and sent to slay zombies.  If you’ve gotten this far in the review, then you probably already know if this game is worth a try for you. For most gamers, the content, the art, the simplistic gameplay, and the overly complicated gacha with its extremely low rates for high rarities, is going to make this game a pass.


by Alyeska
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