New Gacha Launch: Elora’s Raid

Elora’s Raid - New Gacha Release - Idle Hero Collector

Today EyouGame released their new mobile title: Elora’s Raid.  The official Facebook states that servers have been launched for the Asia and Oceania region, but I was able to download the game from the NA Apple store and play (presumably on the Oceana Server).  At the time of this writing, account creation through the app was bugged for me, and the visitor account was not saving progress data. I was able to create an account directly on Eyou’s website, and use that account to log-in and save data.  Just beware of spending time or money until you are sure your account data is being saved properly.

Elora’s Raid is an anime-style waifu/husbando hero collector idle game.  Combat is auto-battle style, and heroes are upgraded and enhanced in typical gacha game fashion.  There is a PvP mode, a guild system, and a 10-level MVP system. See official trailer and download links below.

Official Trailer

by Alyeska
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