Magatsu Wahrheit – Beginners’ Guide

What is Magatsu Wahrheit

From QooApp: “Magatsu Wahrheit is a multiplayer online action RPG that supports at most four-player cooperation. At the beginning, players are able to choose to join one of the following teams and use their respective weapons.”

Basic Progression Priorities:

1) Do story.  At least until after Chapter 1 hard to unlock all game mode content + level 50+ mobs

2) Get power high enough to be able to reliably farm Hard Descends.  Each day there is a different elemental descend that opens.  Hard starts dropping descend weapons.  Max limit break these.

3) get to strong enough to farm the next difficulty “Extra”.  You need about 200k power.  Once you can farm Extra you can max limit break armor drops from there.

You can get higher power through:

1) Gear Upgrade

2) Gear Evolution

3) Leveling up

4) Soul Tree (talent tree), including the purple shared talents from other classes 

If there are events going on almost always prioritize doing events.


There are currently 6 classes in Magatsu Wahrheit:

Warrior – Melee DPS Class

Knight – Tanking Class

Priest – Healing Class

Hunter – Specialist Class

Gunner – Range DPS

Wizard – Magic Range DPS

The Gacha

There is no Hero Gacha. You can gacha on gears such as weapons, armors, and accessories.

Gears are separated into 3 tiers: SSR, SR, and R tiers.

There is no PVP so you can build on whichever works for you to advance in PVE and depends on your character’s build.

by Tans
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