If you are interested in the ancient Chinese, martial art style graphics, this game is for you.

Luminous Sword – a New Mobile MMORPG is Live!

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Luminous Sword Global Release Dec 19th!

Download Luminous Sword Now!
⚔️Link: https://eyou.io/lsword

Luminous Sword’s Server 1 of 3 regions is launched !!🎉

⚔️【Asia】S1 – Luminous 19th Dec, 18:00 UTC+8
⚔️【North America】S1 – Moonlight 19th Dec, 05:00 UTC-5
⚔️【Europe】S1 – Aurora 19th Dec, 10:00 UTC+0

Luminous Sword is released now, lets download and play together!!

Fantasy martial arts new era MMORPG mobile game is coming! Brand new features like unique transformation, Fate Embedment and etc, providing diversified attributes combined with various paths of growth. Is the evil really evil? The truth is out there, let’s find it out!

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Official Community Group: https://eyou.io/lsgroup
Official Website: http://luminous-sword.eyougame.com/
Official Instagram: @eyougame_official (https://eyou.io/eyouinsta)
Eyougame Official Facebook: https://eyou.io/eyoufb
Eyougame Support Mail: support@eyougame.com

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