The game is set to be released on Dec 11th, 2019

Lumia Saga – Global Release Pre-Download is up!

Lumia Saga Global Release!

The official release of Lumia Saga is just hours away!

⏰ Official Release Date/Time ⏰
11 December 2019
America: 3:00 (GMT-5)
Europe: 9:00 (GMT+1)
Asia: 16:00 (GMT+8)

⏰ Pre-download (Google Play & App Store) ⏰

🎁 Pre-Registration Rewards 🎁
Please refer to Lumia Saga’s official page for the list of rewards:
*The pre-registration gift code will be sent via email to everyone who have pre-registered via our official website soon.

🎁 How to Redeem Rewards 🎁
1. Login to the game, click on [Benefits] at the upper left corner (*Unlocks at Lv. 3 after completing Beginner Tutorial).
2, Select [Gift Code] on the left panel and enter your gift code.
3. Check your in-game mailbox to receive your rewards! (*Mailbox unlocks at Lv. 9)

⏰ Code Redemption Period ⏰
11 December to 22 December

Click here👇and Join Lumia Saga now!🙌
Entrance to the Magical world:

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