Lord of Heroes F.A.Q.

As a new player, you probably have a million questions about this game that isn’t quite obvious. We have taken your input and have done our best to narrow it all down and answer them.

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What do I spend my crystals on?

Gear Gacha. You need gear to power through the start of the game all the way to the final boss in hard. 6* gear is extremely important as it gives you the highest boost to your characters and the gear gacha is the most consistent way to get them.

Which unit should I pick from the first selector?

Krom, the Penitent Commander. He is the ONLY gauge up unit that they give for free. Gauge up is essential as this is an active skill that increases your action gauge by a fixed amount. This can lead to your units taking more actions and can help your slower units act before the enemies.

Will the other two units from the selector be available?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to select ONE other unit on the next contract. Contracts will repeat twice and you will always get to pick two out of the three available units. There currently isn’t a way to get the third unit after so choose carefully.

When do I pick up new units?

If you are F2P, you want to do it when you have 500k renown for Red Vanessa. Red Vanessa will help you cheese the final boss in Normal and Hard and her ultimate immunity is invaluable all game. If you are spending, pick up as many units as possible. Cash shop units are usually stronger and are worth it for the bonus freebies that come with them. Units will help you level your account so you can get to level 20 sooner which will unlock Burst formation.

What is Burst formation?

Burst formation unlocks at level 20 and will allow you to generate enough ultimate gauge to spam your ultimate. This is used to cheese a lot of end game content by spamming and stacking ultimates.

How do I level my account?

Acquire new units, promote units and ascend units. Account level isn’t tied to how much stages you grind. They are tied to the number of units you have as well as their promotion stars and ascension.

Where can I find the promotion materials to promote my units aka. upgrade stars?

You can farm promotion materials from repeating stages you have completed. These drop from Hard and Extreme difficulty. You can also get them as a bonus reward from Expeditions, Raids and can appear on the Mystic Shop.

Promotion materials are the five star purple items above

Where can I find the ascension materials to ascend my units?

You can farm ascension materials from Primeval Hall and any Elemental Hall. The drop rate for these are abysmal so you’ll be relying on the weekly dungeon reward, Mystic Shop and events. They can also be bought in the cash shop.

Ascension materials are the five star dark blue items above

Is there an updated Tier list?

Yes, you can view our Lord of Heroes Database/Tier List. We’ll do our best to update it as new units come in but this tier list will cover F2P, PvP, and PvE. PvE is split into Burst Formation, Raid and Story/Hall.

Which packs are a priority for a whale?

Cash shop units and skill ups. Cash shop units come with enough crystals for a gear pull and level up reward quests do not expire. Skill upgrades are extremely limited and have a monthly cap. If you are looking to whale out, best to pick this up before you pick up any other resource packs.

Cash shop units > Skill Upgrade > VIP/Honor > Monthly Festival > 90% Discount > Hero Booster (EXP) > Ascension

What is the best Expedition to grind?

Hard expedition gives the best renown ratio for time. Expedition is one of the few sources of renown in the game. We have broken down the 24 hour cycle below.

300 (3hrs x 8) = 7,200 renowned
600 (6hrs x 4)= 7,200 renowned
900 (9hrs x 2)= 5,400 renowned
900(9hrs x 2)+600 (6hrs x 1)= 6,000 renowned

Which gear banner is best to pull?

Striker banner is a good choice to pull at the start. The striker set effect (Damage +20% Ignore Defense)  will help your damage dealer carry your team for majority of the game. After you have good enough striker gear, you can decide based on which units are weaker or which units you want to prioritize.

Where can I farm Renown?

Renown comes from Expeditions, winning in PvP, events and the Raid shop. Renown is one of the most important resources in the game as it allows you to ascend your units and can be used to unlock specific units. They can also be be bought in the cash shop.

Where can I farm EXP?

EXP potions are primarily found on daily EXP dungeon, losing in PvP, events and the Mystic shop. There are daily events where EXP gained from story is doubled for that hour. It is recommended to farm the highest EXP stage you can auto in story.

Where can I farm Gold?

Gold is primarily gained from selling gear and daily Gold dungeon. You can farm hall of trials to sell higher rated gear. There are daily events where Gold gained from story is doubled for that hour. It is recommended to farm the highest Gold stage you can auto in story.

Where can I get soulstones for skill upgrades?

You get 1 from weekly dungeon rewards and 1 weekly from the elemental soul chest from Raid Shop. The rest are available from events. They can also be bought in the cash shop.

When is sever time and reset?

Reset is based on your local registered timezone. Raids however are dependent on when your alliance captain enrolls.

Which units should I focus on?

It is recommended to work on 1 unit of each class type. Resources are limited and are split based off each class type. It will be much easier to promote and max your units out if you focus on different class types. Raids and PvP are the focus of late game so you can use the tier list to help you make a better decision.

Will Cash shop units return?

The developers of the game have stated that they have plans on previous Cash shop units coming back for Global players. In the last developer’s note, they stated they will be bringing back previous cash shop units but have not confirmed how they plan on making a return. It’s all up for speculation to which method but at least it is confirmed they are returning.

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