Legends Of Runeterra Official Release Date Announced

LoR launching at the end of April, 2020

The much-anticipated card game from Riot, Legends of Runeterra, is finally going to be released at the end of this month on April 30 for both PCs and mobile devices. The game will support cross-platform so players can easily use their accounts on both PCs and mobile devices. There will be a total of 120 new cards come out when the game is released. They will be revealed gradually by Riot soon until April 27. Legends of Runeterra will be available for most countries, except for China and Vietnam.

Legends of Runeterra is a card game that is based on the world of League of Legends. You will be playing with your favorite champions. Each player starts with 20 health and they will lose when it goes to zero. The game uses the mana system like Hearthstone, where you use mana as a cost to play cards. Both players can play cards every turn alternately, but only the turn player can make attacks.

LoR Trailer

by Evenil
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