Last Cloudia Reaches 1,000,000 Player Milestone

Last Cloudia Reaches 1,000,000 Players Worldwide!

Today developer AIDIS, Inc. announced that their ARPG game Last Cloudia has reached 1 million players worldwide.  Over 200,000 players have joined the community since Last Cloudia’s English version was released last month, Oct 17th.  Other upcoming updates for the English version include:

  • New story content
  • A new arena mode
  • Collaborations
  • Option to use Japanese Voices
  • Other QoL updates

For more information see the full producer announcement here.

Last Cloudia is an ARPG game with beautiful pixel art and fantastic music score.  The game differs from many other gachas in that character development relies heavily on Arks instead of acquiring specific characters, thus giving players more flexibility in building their teams.  Also of note is the games high SSR gacha rates, and lack of hard stamina limits on playtime.


by Alyeska
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