Seven Deadly Sins: Kelak with Derieri and not Ellate – A comprehensive guide


First and foremost I’d like to clear some misconceptions:

  • Deri has a higher max dmg output than jeri in 1/6 even without ellate. You just have to adjust
  • Deri has broken Kelak. Like she’ll break Einek. The max score attainable with 6/6 Deri right now is over 9k.
  • The comp is different than what we used with Jericho
  •  Right now, it’s not smooth sailing. Rng is still immense.
  • This guide is meant to be a follow up on:

The boss

A couple of things to note regarding Kelak:

Defense stats


  • Boss crit resist is approximately 30-40% (Normal has an extra buff which gets removed once his HP drops, adding another 40%)

  • Crit defense differs based on the difficulty. This is why Jericho in different modes has different crit damage. For the purposes of this guide, we will only use normal which has approx 40%.


The good

  • Derieri has a passive that stacks up to 10 times, each giving a buff of 10%. This means she can pretty much double her own attack provided you get the necessary cards.

  • Biggest numbers you’ll see for a while in gb.
  • Ultimate waifu for many

The bad

  • Abysmal crit rate of 11% with costumes. This means that alone she will never be able to crit on the gb.
  • Has to use at least one card per turn as to not lose her passive. This adds up to rng quite a lot


As of this writing we’ve identified 2 comps to run

Max Damage


This team has a theoretical max score of 11m. This however needs a 6/6 Derieri, 10 stacks on normal boss and a crit. It will start out-performing consistent comp @7-8stacks.
The crit chance of this team is approximately 21-31% depending on if the boss crit resist is 30 or 40%.
11% deri + 30% Helbram + 20% food.

More consistency

The main problem with the max team is the low crit rate and that’s where Valenty comes in. Valenty, due to her golden defense down reduces the boss defense, resistance, crit defense and crit resistance by a wooping 40%. This means that the crit rate rises from 21-31% to a whole 61%.

Not only that, but patience/survivability in hard/extreme goes up as well.

Differences in playstyle in contrast to Jericho

Firstly, cancelling out the ultimate of Hard gb in order to patience is not really feasible. Mainly due to the sheer amount of turns we’ll need. Instead patience with gowther, if you can’t patience forget the max score team and try the consistent team with resistance food.

Each turn we’ll need to use at least one Derieri card. This means that we’ll need to keep drawing them. If we’re out of cards early on it’s better to just reset.


Derieri is already much better than Jericho (1/6 can hit up to 7m with max score) and ellate will make that even more apparent.

Sadly the difference between f2p and whales, can be quite big.

Thank you all for the time, for any further questions or debates please contact Flame @Eden 7ds. I’d love to have a constructive chat.


Special thanks to Dynasty’s Kisa for the help and pitching the Valenty idea and of course thanks to my guild for all the help and the hours spent grinding to prove my theories (vaizel you’re the man!) !

by Flame
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Math Lovers/ Proof

As I am not a fan of sharing stats and guides without the math here goes..

  • I’ll assume a Derieri of 30% pierce, 12529 attack and 225.5 cdmg.
  • I’ll also use the known formula of [((Atk x Card %) x (Crit Damage – CritDef)) – Def] x Element + [(Atk x Pierce#) – (Def x Resistance)]
  • I’ll assume 40% cdef for the boss.

First let’s check out Deri interactions with Gowther/Helbram.
All their interactions are multiplicative. This means that overall max attack will be
12529 * 2(Deri passive) * 1.5 (Deri basic stats) * 1.5(gowther passive) *1.3(Helbram) for a total of 73,295.

Max damage path

Applying the above stats to the formula we have:
[((73295*9.45) * (2.55 – 0.4) – 5993)] + [73295 * 0.6 – 5993 * 0.2(assuming this for boss resist)]

This in turn totals to
1,483,178 + 43,156 = 1,526,334

Now let’s go and apply amplify & freeze multipliers. The weird part about this is that even though they have different names they seem to be additive to each other and not multiplicative.

This means that the total multiplier is 1+ 15 * 0.3(15 buffs, aka 10 stacks, basic stats, evade + helbram) + 2 (freeze) or 1+4.5+2 = 7.5

Based on that the damage would be 1,526,334 * 7.5 = 11,447,505

Better consistency Path

Taking into account the valenty defense down, it’d be:
[((73295*9.45) * (2.55) – (5993*0.6))] + [73295 * 0.6] = 1,806,608

In this case, due to the missing freeze we multiply with 1+4.5 = 5.5
for a total of approx 9.9m

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