Iron Saga Release Mistake – Purchases not Refunded Until Launch

Mistakes were made...

At around 22:00 PST on 11/17, some players that had pre-registered for Game Duchy’s upcoming launch of Iron Saga EN were notified that the game was available.  They were able to download and play the game and make purchases. Hours later, however, the game was pulled and made unavailable. Game Duchy made an official statement saying there had been a mistake, that the launch was meant for Closed Beta Testers only.  They went on to say that users who made purchases would be reimbursed, but not until launch, which is currently scheduled for Dec. 12. The official announcement in its entirety can be found here.

Iron Saga is an action simulation mecha battle mobile game, with more than 500 mechas and over 100,000 formations to choose from. The game boasts 100+ pilots, distinguished artists, voice actors, and legendary composers.

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by Alyeska
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