Iron Saga, also known as I-Saga or Kidou Sentai Iron Saga, is a mecha battle game. The Japanese and Korean versions have gone live, and now, it’ll be available in English! As is usual, there are pre-registration rewards for milestones.

Iron Saga – Global Pre-Registration is LIVE!

Iron Saga is a Mecha Battle Mobile game from Gameduchy. The gameplay includes battles in real time, with gacha elements, such as mecha and pilot summoning. There are over 100,000+ formations, 500+ mechas and 100+ pilots with amazing design, to explore the game along with you.

The pre-registration rewards and milestones are as follows:

  • 10,000: 560x Diamonds
  • 20,000: 5x Parts Chest
  • 50,000: 850x Diamonds
  • 80,000: 1x S-Class Sphere
  • 100,000: 1680x Diamonds, Erica
  • 150,000: Valkyrie S
  • 200,000: 1x Pet Sphere


Want to check out the gameplay? Check these videos.

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