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If you want to make a reroll you always want to have the log in with a “GUEST ACCOUNT”. You can delete the Guest Account after each roll, so it’s easy to reroll in this account and after you get what you want you can bind the Account. The tutorial takes around 5 minutes to do. When the part that asks you to write down your name. Press accept or skip because the name can be taken and you’ll might not get the unit that you want and you pretty much have to choose another name when you reroll again. So pick what ever name they give you, accept it. (Later on you can name change for free after that. That’s when you can put your name in after you get what you have wanted.) When you are almost at the very end you will get a 10x Summon Ticket in the Mailbox. When you go to Summon Tab where the game will prompt you to summon on the “BEGINNER BANNER” with the SSR guarantee but since we are rerolling for the GOD/WAIFU tier we would want to summon on a different banner. To do that click on the out side box of the “SUMMON x10” box where the game wants you to click. It will remove the blinking and then you can start summon any banner you want.


To reroll again just click on your account icon ( top left ) underneath Notice. Click on Account and New Guest Account. It will ask you to type in “OK” to confirm if you want to remove the Guest Account so type in “OK” (doesnt have to be in caps) to confirm deletion of current guest account. After you do all that you will be back to the title.



Miyuki, Kiraya, Anna, Maki, Yuffie. (Phoebe is another SSR unit you want but ou can SKIP (if you really dont want to put in $1 thats fine) or BUY her from the $1 pack.


Rikia or Pan


Miyuki – you want her to be close to around 5* for better aoe dmg and a very God Tier. Combat passive all of her attacks decreases the targets RAGE by 330.

Nicola – she’s almost the same as Miyuki and is a tank killer. Her skills are aim at enemies Highest HP. One of her skills decreases the targets DMG RES rate by 33% and lasts 3 rounds.

Maki – a good pick the reason why is due to her passive and unique passive. Combat passive is when maki dies 220% atk dmg is dealt to the enemy leader. Free dmg to the leader ooft. Average Lineup Energy is less than or equal to 14 it activates her second combat passive where when an ally partner dies she deals 100% atk dmg to the enemy leader. MORE DMG.
Her unique passive is she does a single target hit deals 400% atk dmg. Has a 80% chance to hit 2nd time with 135% atk dmg, 25% chance to hit the 3rd time with 100% atk dmg.

Kiraya – she’s a good pick to help you clear story and content that’s higher than your CP. She gain a Shield base on her 40% HP and if she has 5 Light or Healing Class units she gives an activation reward that Recovery Rate of all Ally Patners inc by 50%. Unique deals 400% atk dmg and grants a shield equal to 20% of the casters HP to all allies in the same column.

Selena – she’s very weak at 3* but farmable in Arcana stage later on the game. When you get her 4*+ shes is a god tank for late game. Combat passive gives her 2 Immunity to Fatal DMG per battle. Lineup skill which you do need to require a lineup energy greater than or equal to 14 to activate is whenever an ally patner appears she grants the Leader a shield equal to 10% of her own HP. So the more HP she has the more protection your leader gets. Unique passive deals 400% atk dmg and gives 35% of which is used to heal the Leader.

Vivian – a great SSR when she pair up with another good SSR unit. One of her abilities does a single target dealing 380% atk dmg and increase 50% def for 3 rounds. When Vivian appears 6 Energy is DEDUCTED from the next partner to appear. Thats why she is a great unit to pair up with another SSR unit that has a higher cost summoning.

Yuffie – she’s really good at 5* with the board wiping team aka AOE DMG TEAM. When she is present on the board AOE DMG to ally units inc 16.5% with this effect doubles for Yuffie. She needs at least 5 Sorcerer partners to activate her second combat passive where ally partners of Sorcerer class deals 20% additional DMG to enemy partners with Energy greater than or equal to 14. Unique deals 210% atk dmg and enemies with 14 or more energy take an additional 15% DMG.

Anna – she’s the only god tier healer atm and need her to survive. Unique restores HP equal to 265% ATK to ALL ALLIES and RESTORES 300 RAGE to her self. Thats why shes top tier healer she keeps on healing 24/7 since she gains back RAGE. Combat passive when she is present she gives all allied partners 16.5% DMG rate. MORE DMG OOFT \o/


Pan – a great SR unit that counters HEAL *cough cough* ANNA *cough cough* im still bleeding i need heals… *dies*. Combat passive for every EMPTY positions on the battlefield inc Pan’s ATK 4.5%. Unique skill causes target to speak the Truth from time to time. Her unique passive 380% ATK DMG REDUCING the target’s RECOVERY RATE by 80% for 3 rounds.

Rikia – she’s very good at dispelling and giving a random debuff which are really good. Combat passive when she appears all ally debuffs are dispelled. Every Debuff dispells increases her HP MAX by 16.5%. A great unit to dispell bad effects to your team. Unique passive attacks all enemies dealing 245% ATK DMG and places one of the following. STUN, SILENCE, Reducing atk 20% or Reduces def 20%.


Miyuki – one of the best units in the game. This is the only units that offer rage down if you are whaling and your looking to pull a total of “4 copies” of her and you get the 5th for free on day 8

Nicola – another top tier unit that others cant do what she does best in late game and in newer content. She sucks early and is not that good 3* she is a great reroll copy if you plan to pull a ton and hope you get 1 or 2 more copies to bring her to 5*

Maki – not a priority like the other two but something to consider if you want to whale and awaken her, she is the only unit currently that can be awakened so just to understand how expensive this is. You need 1 copy to 4, 1 copy to 5, 2 copies to 6* and 4 copies to awaken, if you are aiming to awaken her then having an early dupe will help surely, you also get a limited banner on day 4 for her, so buy all the limited ticket monthly and weekly packs before November hits to get them all again on reset to get as many copies as possible.

Anna – best healer in the game though really only starts to shine once you get dupes for her especially when she hits 6*. Her banner will be after Kasumi’s Selective Banner.

Vivian – she will be on the second set of banners, alone she is a bad reroll unit since she is meant to support other great units but if your a whale your already pulling a lot so that’s not an issue she is a great pick to get and you will see her value the more you play the game because she reduces the Energy cost who ever you put down next.

Kiraya – for early game and current story clearing she is probably the best tank to get and the easiest one to dupe since she is on the Miyuki banner though late game Selena is going to pass her in the tank role.

Pheobe – picking up an early Pheobe is nice since you can buy 2 in the shop so that becomes an easy 5* Pheobe right there and frankly phoebe is one of the most versatile units, offering board wipe, def down, invincibility and revive herself.

Selena – considered the best late game tank and she really pops off when she is 6*. Her Combat passive and Unique passive heals the leader and she gains 2 immunity to FATAL DMG per battle.

Yuffie – early she’s a great pick up amazing board wipe but I wouldn’t stress super hard about having to get her early there are many amazing early board wipes that will carry you through the content. But hey you rather want to get the top tier that is Miyuki BUT for WAFIU why not :3

It doesnt matter cause you max out the important unit which are PAN and RIKIA LOL.

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