Illusion Connect – PVE Tierlist and Popular Unit Breakdown

Illusion Connect - PVE Tierlist


  1. The unit ratings are based on 6* units, not their original forms.
  2. All tierlists are objected to opinions and should not be considered a bible of units.
  3. All units are considered situational – if you are not familiar what the units do you can ruin a top tier units. The same applies to lower tier units – if you know what you are doing, they will be your top tier units.
  4. Don’t try to tank with your DPS please. You throw Miyuki at their Maki and ask me why she can’t tank I got nothing to tell you.
  5. Tanks are not immortal. Don’t expect tanks to block everything till the end.
  6. Aoe Units can be helpful in story maps where mobs spawn fast. Meanwhile, single target units shine when there are few or only the leader is left.
  7. VERY IMPORTANT! Try to keep your average energy cost to exactly 14. A lot of skills require average cost either smaller or equal to 14, or higher or equal to 14. 14 is a perfect fit for both of them.

Popular Unit Breakdown


Miyuki is one of the greatest AOE units if not the greatest. Her Combat Passive reduces enemies’ Rage especially the leader makes her vital in PVE maps not only for damage, but also for survivability. 


At the cost of $1, Phoebe is a great AOE, probably equal to Miyuki. Her damage multiplier might be a little lower but her Combat Passive gives her another 15% attack buff and a revive on death with even greater attack buff. She also gives invincible status to your ally units in the right deck which is huge. This, however, does not appear most of the time due to the fact that it requires 5 light or healing partners which is not very situational.


She’s featured on the 4th-day-whale-banner (4k gems per pull). She is the first awakened unit and her kits are super Single Target Nuke orientated. She is a decent leader killer with her Combat Passive built for killing leader on death (either partners or herself). If you can whale, then whale for her. She’s also a total bae.

Jokes aside she’s a pretty OP ST unit that can be used in multiple situations. The only sad thing about her is, yes, Single Target. This game does not treat them ST units with care…. as much as the AOE ones.


She’s almost a guarantee crit hitter. She is very fragile so you need to protect her at all cost, but her Combat Passive adds on to her survivability – if the enemies have invincibility and shield. Placing her at the right time is vital. She can take out a whole line by herself E-A-S-Y. Having a healer to take care of her is a big bonus as well. Anna should be bae.


She can double-dip as a tank and a healer. Her shield + heal for your leader is very nice and her immunity/invincibility works well in battle that you get one-shot no matter how tanky you are. Remember to fulfill her activation requirement for her to shine. 

Only bad side is that compared to Kiraya she is a weaker tanker, she does not have skills that helps her become tankier, and her invincibility can be taken away by Maki easily. Also, Phoebe’s invincibility can cancels hers out so you need to be careful while placing Phoebe.


Best healer – enough talk. Let’s move to next unit.

But seriously, MY LITTLE HEALER CAN’T BE THIS CUTE! She heals, she protects, she… attacks???? She’s a pocket buffer as well.


I’ll be honest, at first I rated her so low because I didn’t check her 6* perks (totally my bad whoops). But at 6* she’s a bomb! And I mean it literally. A crit machine with bonus attack based on the amount of enemies present! AND another 35% crit rate on top. She is a late game attacker due to her massive cost but hey, go in with a bang right?


One of the tankiest tank with decent DPS, she can also be used as an offtank to protect other tanks like Selena and decreases Rage Restoration which is huge. She is very tanky off the bat as the main tank due to her HP passive. If you need a tank and just a tank, she’s definitely the unit you want.


Her Combat Passive is useful in many situations, whether you want to push out 2 units fast for DPS, or keeping the average cost despite her being an actual 8 energy cost unit. She is a decent off-tank and does decent DPS, but outside of that, she is not very special.


One of the best summoners and might be outshined by Enforcers in the future but right now, she is very useful for her Combat Passive. Her foxes need to be in the front so she does not work that well with tankers, and her foxes can take a lot of space if they are not on the front and it might be hard to place other units with her foxes hanging around unless the enemy has aoe units. She shines the most when her foxes die actually. RIP foxes.


Another AOE unit that your team should have is Yuffie. Her Combat Passive boosts not only herself, but all AOE units, including your beloved Miyuki and Phoebe, and well, any unit that hits more than 1 target. That’s like… more than half of your deck! The reason why she might not be God-tier in a normal deck like the rest of the AOE nukers due to her lack of utility, but she is definitely God-tier if you are running a Sorcerer comp along with Chiyo.

In the long run, Sorc comp becomes one of the most popular decks, hence the reason for her SS tier.


Your well-beloved, baby oni blue haired MC. You can get her to 5* technically free, so she is one of the most f2p SSRs. Her Combat Passive is great if your RNG loves you, enabling her to one shot units even through their shields or invincibility. Her damage is decent as well even though you want her attack to be low to higher the chance of one shot, but you also want decent attack to damage in case she doesn’t one shot. Confusing, eh?


Also one of the most f2p friendly unit is Pan. She makes your story so short you don’t even need an auto button. Her Combat Passive makes her a great opening nuke when the board is empty. Go big or go home.


Considerably the best SR unit, Rikia is a debuffer as well as an anti-debuffer. You use her to counter herself. Her aoe gives a random debuff, while her appearance can remove all debuffs and make herself stronger. If the enemy drops a Rikia, you drop a Rikia. You get a Rikia, you get a Rikia, everyone get a Rikia.


The sole reason why she’s so low on the list is because it takes so god damn long to max her stars as she is a story unit. Since she’s a DPS unit, it is vital to 6* her – and by the time she is 6* you probably have already built your whole deck. Her damage increases late game as her Combat Passive boosts her damage rate by 9% each hit, combined with her special hitting a full row with increased crit rate. You better move out of the way, son.

by Evenil
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