How to Whale Day 1 on Black Desert Mobile efficiently!

Black Desert Mobile

One of the most anticipated mobile MMO of 2019-2020. Black Desert Mobile, following the path of its predecessor Black Desert Online, rocks wonderful graphic and limitless activities to do within the game including farming, fishing, building, etc. However, if you are looking for a guide to spend properly especially on Launch day, we are here to help.

Black Desert Mobile is set to launch on Dec 11th, 2019.

Have you ever spent and then went “ugh wrong thing to buy”? Worry not, our splendid Cat Whisperer is here to help!

Before you spend

Don’t spend pearls before joining the guild. You get guild mileage points for spending pearls while in a guild. Guild mileage points can be used to purchase guild quests for the entire guild. These guild mileage quests gives us guild funds, guild activity (guild exp), and boss stamps/ancient tablets. This is one of the only ways to get ahead in guild rankings early on. There will be plenty of people rushing to create the guilds as fast as humanly possible so please be patient.

$10 Tier:

-Combat Plus ($5)

-Camp Plus ($5)

These 2 support packages are by far the most efficient $10 you can spend in this game as they increase the efficiency of farming + base upgrading (Can be purchased for 1.5m silver from market)

$100 Tier:

-Everything above

-2 pets: 2x Hunter’s essential package will give you two tier 1 pets, 100 pet food, 60 hp pots, 10 exp buffs & one tier 2 pet ($20). You also get one free tier 1 pet at the start of the game

-7D Black Stone pack (200 pearls / $5)

-21D Black Stone pack (1200 pearls / $30)

-Save some pearls for good deals / emergencies

$500 Tier:

-Everything above

-Buy the daily/weekly/monthly packages. Most of the packages honestly aren’t that great because they cost a lot but gives you materials that only takes a couple hours to farm later on. These are the ones you should buy if you have the extra cash: Launching event package, Mini crystal chests, Starter pack, Boss rush & tablets chest, & enhancement support chest

-100 inventory slot item (1200 pearls / $30) This is optional but very useful if you want to afk grind for long hours. Managing inventory with only the free slots will make you want to kill yourself

-400 LT increase item (1120 pearls / $29) Same reason as above

Remember to save some white pearls to purchase the chicken soup buffs every day! (Use the buffs for long afk sessions because the extra LT will let you farm longer)

-Refresh Talish’s shop couple times a day and buy the items that interests you (Refresh costs: 10/20/30/50/80/100/120/150/200/240)

$1000 Tier:

-Everything above

-21D Silver pack (1200 pearls / $30) these silver packs are terrible, not worth the pearls since you can farm much more silver than this in a couple hours but I guess they are ok on day 1 if you want extra silver for upgrades

-7D Silver pack (200 pearls / $5) Same as above

-Lightstones: These get very expensive to fuse especially if you want specific stats. Full set of yellow lightstones is easy enough to get but if you want full set of orange it will cost well over $1000

Whale Tier:

-Buy everything in the shop lol

-Artisan’s memory, restoration scroll & cron stones will help you save a massive amount of silver & blackstones for failing upgrades / transferring enhancements in exchange for an un-reasonable amount of pearls

-Buy pets and fuse them til you have three tier 5 pets

-Fuse outfits until you have +25 AP/DP costume and weapon

-Refresh the accessory shop a million times (You can literally spend thousands of dollars here and get nothing)

-Buy your cute friends some stuff

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