How Future Princess Makes Guardian Tales Prone To Power Creep

Guardian Tales latest Chapter 10 brings about the destruction of Heavenhold and introduces our beloved princess all grown up and named “Future Princess”.

Future Princess in herself creates a lot of buzz. Princess is one of the most cheerfully adored characters in the game and, until now, one of the only unplayable main cast members. Guardian Tales demonstrates Future Princess to be a battered tanker hero with a grim reaper scythe. This isn’t quite the bubbly princess of old!

Kakao Group really stepped this up a notch when they made Future Princess Guardian Tales first instant status effect hero. Amazingly, Future Princess uses her chain skill to create a three attack invulnerability for your team. Additionally, this skill also comes with a 10% team heal. The chain skill is not on a cooldown and its only limit is the weapon skills ability to chain into it effectively. Natively, Future Princesses unique weapon hones a 13.5 sec weapon skill that can easily be shrunken to around 7. This makes Future Princess the most prominent unit in the game. If you couple these abilities with the highest HP in the game, a top 12 attack, and top 20 defense, you have yourself a full blown monster.

Surprisingly, Future Princess has to be the first true instance of power creep we have seen to date in Guardian Tales.

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