Heroes War: Counterattack Review

Heroes War: Counterattack finally released  ushering in  its post-apocalyptic setting and turn-based battles. As a typical Hero Collector game, the game allows you to unlock new characters with the addition of its new powerful skill card system.  The games combat system seemed to be the earliest draw to this games hype, but as players dove in they found other points of success and failure. 


Graphics – 7/10 – Though many of the characters are unique, they seemingly appear and operate like those of older MMORPGs. Overall, the game fails to drive a consistent thematic in their character design and their world building is rather linear. The overall redeeming quality of this games graphics is its cinematic cut scenes. 

Story – 5/10 – There is a compelling narrative to be told here. The game features the viewpoint of both the heroes and villain’s in this game but fails to truly draw you into them as characters. Each character fits a roll and they kind of stick to it without fail. It isn’t a bad story, but for a Gacha, it is rather average. 

Progression – 4/10 – This system has a very odd duplicate and skills system, both of which rely on a gacha. Also, the weapon and gear system is tied to a gacha as well. There is enough chances to get free options throughout the game as is, but as the game goes on it will be a real money sink. This will become even more complex and taxing at the highest level of play. 

Gameplay – 3/10 – The gameplay in Heroes War Counterattack: was supposed to be the element that shined, but for me it offered the most disapointment. The spacial aspect of the game is seemingly useless and clunky. There isn’t enough variety in terrain and positioning to truly make a quasi-grid system stand out. 

Uniqueness – 4/10 – I think, if done effectively, this game could have been truly unique. However, due to the lack luster combat, graphics, and thematic put into the overall design, it falls flat. There is enough here to make it feel uniquely Heroes War: Counterattack, but that isn’t always a positive thing in this case. 

Monetization – 2/10 – There are plenty of freebies over the initial run through of the game to set an account well, however, the overall system is not set up to stand the test of time. Advancing skills, units, and gear is all gacha dependent and the overall drop rates are low. Couple Heroes War: Counterattacks drop rates with the universal banner settings (you can acquire any heroes skill whenever) and you have the blueprint for a traditional money pit.

Community – 1/10 – In my conversations with the community, less than 10% say they plan to stick with the game longer than a month. Com2Us also has seemingly stopped its marketing efforts and done very minimal in terms of engagement.  

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