Hero Cantare – Naver Webtoon Mobile Game Launching May 26th

Hero Cantare Launch Date Announced

We are finally announcing the Hero Cantare’s launch date!

Hero Cantare will be available on Apple App Store and Google Play in North America, Oceania and Europe on May 26!!🎁Pre-register now: https://bit.ly/34AXyXu

What is Hero Cantare?

Hero Cantare is a Korean mobile RPG game where players could control characters from the Naver Webtoon comics.


■ Adventures with Webtoon Superhero

■ New stories of popular Webtoon heroes

■ Full-frame 2D animation

■ Dynamic and various game modes!

■ Story: Upgrade your heroes while reading the story

■ Arena: Compete with other players to prove your strength

■ Heart heater subcontractor: Next story decided by your choice

■ The Tower of Trial: Overcome hard levels to gain rewards

■ Guild Labyrinth: Cooperate with guild members to become the strongest guild

■ Boss Dungeon: Extremely challenging 

by Evenil
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