Hero Cantare – Before you Play


Before you jump into Hero Cantare, here are some basic information that will help you go through the game it in the beginning.


When you start the game, start as a guest. As a guest you have the option of “withdraw,” essentially restart the game, instead of having to log out then log in. To restart, simply go to account settings and press the red button. If your rolls are satisfactory and you’d like to start the game, you can then connect to Google Play or Facebook.

Go up to Story 1-3, which is the tutorial. Once you have finished up to 1-3, the Portal, where you can roll characters, is unlocked. Before rolling however, go collect everything including pre-registration gifts, daily gifts, and whatever else is in your mailbox. Then, go to the Dimensional store or the Event Store, and buy the Dimensional Essence from there.

Then head to the Portal where you will see cubes on the left side. Role the gold/purple/red cubes, since the blue Time Cube gives you a free roll every 3 hours and does not factor as much in rerolling. The gold/purple Event cube has a higher rate for higher tier characters, and the red Dimension cube produces more regular tier characters. Claim the characters.

After rolling from all the cubes, you can roll another time for 5 Dimension Essence that you bought before rolling (or more depending on how much Dimension Essence you have). Go to the cube from which you want to reroll from, then click the icon that looks like the Dimension Essence.

When you are rolling you can get two of the following in regards to character: the character or character pieces. If you gather 40 character pieces you can get the character.

Where to Start

World Content

Push through story-mode, as the more stages you clear, the more content you can unlock from World.
There are lots of content in World that can give you rewards that include character pieces, material, etc so make sure to grind through story so you can access all of the content available.

  • Dimension Gap: You can set the difficulty of Dimension Gap everyday. There are 10 stages to clear, and each time you clear it you get various rewards. At first you may only be able to clear a few stages, but if you keep up with it you can start clearing them quickly. If you achieve a certain score, you get memory stones which can be converted into character pieces.
  • Dimension Crack: This is the daily dungeon. Inside it there is a hero crack, and you want to clear this dungeon because it gives material to buy character pieces in the Dimensional Shop. You can also obtain resources. Because there is a limited number of times you can enter Dimension Crack, you can buy tickets from the Frog’s Pop Up Store to get extra runs.
  • Trial Tower: This is a tower style dungeon where the higher you go the harder the stages get. Instead of monsters, heroes will show up as enemies that you have to fight. Beware as certain characters make it difficult to clear the stage. If you feel that you’ve reached your limit for the day, you can collect the reward and try coming back when you’re stronger. You get 3 chances a day.
  • Hero Dungeon: This is an event dungeon that centers on heroes. It is kind of like story mode except it’s centered around just one character at a time. You can clear up to stage 10-4, and you get 5 chances a day. Clearing the dungeon gives coins which you can use to buy the character’s pieces or equipment from the hero shop.
  • Advent Boss: This is the Boss dungeon which you can access by using your Story Tickets. There 3 bosses – water, fire, grass. The water and grass bosses are harder, while the fire boss is easier. Once you get up to a point where you can beat the bosses on auto in 7 rounds, you can start farming for equipment and artifacts.
  • Quest House: Heart Heater’s Quest House gives quests where you can earn gems and dimensional essence. You receive various quests and clear stages according to whichever quest you choose. Sometimes there will be red quests where you can receive gems, dimensional essence, upgrade materials, etc if you clear them so make sure to choose these red quests if they show up. You can use the Quest House 5 times day.

Raising Characters

Starting out:
When you start out, you want to focus on leveling up your character. Don’t worry too much about equipment and artifacts in the beginning (wear whatever the equipment that you get from story) because it is difficult to get good ones from the start. Collect gold, EXP, and character pieces.

Ranking up:
You can raise the ranks of your characters via the Awake on your character screen. You need fragments (ice/grass/fire) and character pieces.

Don’t enhance your weapons early on. As the story progresses you will be getting better weapon drops. It’s a waste of gold to start enhancing in the beginning. Start enhancing at a minimum grade of A-1

Have fun collecting all your favorite heroes!

by Noona
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