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Maximizing your Jericho

Jericho will be the main damage dealer for normal and hard currently. This is because the multiplier reward for doing overkill damage is higher than the achievement rewards.
It’s important to make sure that you cover the basic things you need to ensure your Jericho can push as high damage as possible.

You’ll need to run 4 atk and 2 CD. Make sure the top 2, the bracelet and ring, are both SSR to ensure your jericho is getting the most damage possible in the game.

In terms of subs, use a high roll base stat 0.95% up so 494 or higher and subs of either Attack +2.5% or Crit Damage +5% minimum.

Later on, running a CD x6 set will push you to do the highest damage possible but it isn’t recommended to rush this set because it isn’t feasible to utilize outside of guild boss.

Currently the best set at 75 with buffs at maximum subs are the following combinations.

ATK and CD
set is 20% atk from set, 20% CD from set, 7 CD subs is 42% and 3 atk is 9%. so total is 29% atk and 62% CD.

Full CD set = 60% CD and full atk subs is 30% atk

Efficiency is calculated based off Spike Crit Damage 2x passive with Hellbram and Gowther buff. Subject to change when Deriri release. DO NOT REROLL HIGH ROLL GEAR. Build another piece of gear if you want to build for efficiency.

The next thing you’ll need to make sure is that you unlock all the correct weapon costumes.

There’s 1 limited purchaseable UR weapon in the Sacred Treasure shop.
There’s 1 UR weapon is from the Pop-up shop in Dalmally Chapter 2.
The last UR weapon comes from the Fight shop.

Make sure to max out the Red SR Jericho affinity to get the SSR costume for 6% Crit Damage.

The next thing you need to do is to max upgrade Jericho’s link Guila for the passive attack stats and combined ultimate.

The most important thing to do is to ensure that your Guila’s ultimate is at 6/6. SSR Guila will give you a higher stat boost at 6/6 but if you can’t 6/6 SSR Guila, it’s better to use the SR one.

Make sure that your Guila is equipped with an attack set and your 2nd best Atk gear with Attack +2.5% sub stats.
Upgrading your Guila matters. Make sure she’s at 70 with 6* awaken because maxxing her out will give you the highest attack possible on your Jericho.
The last optimization for Guila would be weapon costumes. You can get 1 limited purchaseable UR weapon in the Sacred Treasure shop.
There’s 1 UR weapon from the Fight shop.
The last UR weapon comes from the Pop-up shop in Post Town Tala Chapter 3.
None of her SSR weapon costumes sub stats give attack so you can pick whichever one you find to be prettier.

Maximizing your Gowther

Gowther reduces the amount of RNG required to get the best possible cards because of his rank up ability. His passive is also the key to stacking as high damage as possible.

Perfectly stacking Gowther can add 50% more attack which is 10% less than Gilthunder gold card.

The first thing you want to do with Gowther is to ensure that you have all the base costumes so that his base resistance with costume is 72%.

Both UR costumes come from upgrading both SR Green Gowther and SSR Blue Gowther. It’s important to UR Blue Gowther because his base costume gives 4% resist.
You can purchase a 1.5% resist SSR costume for 20 diamonds from the sacred shop or max affinity SR Green Gowther for the outfit.

Resistance is an important stat because you will be need to hit a certain amount to patience the boss attacks. This is the key to stacking your passive as patience counts as taking no damage.

This is the formula to mitigate bronze card single target from normal Guild boss. It is very hard to resist silver card single target because it has a 360% multiplier which is 25% less than the boss ult.


The first table refers to your Gowther’s defense with assist link. The second table refers to the resist needed on Gowther to patience the bronze single target attack.
You can achieve this resist by either using a high set of subs or food. Food will provide 30% resist making it much easier to hit the break point.

An example of how to read this table is: If my defense value is 8000 then I need to have 86% resistance to patience the boss bronze card single target.
You’ll need to run triple defense on Gowther to pump your defense stat as high as possible. Both middle pieces need to be SSR to increase the base defense by a significant number.

Resistance is king, so try your best to roll pure resistance subs. This will also be useful for late game PvP because resistance will add the most mitigation against pierce and normal attacks.

The final piece to ensure Gowther has a high defense as possible is by using a 6/6 link.

Please use Google translate or Google Chrome to translate this page to English and sort units by defense to find out which 6/6 link you own gives the highest defense.

Your link should also be using a triple defense set however SSR gear is not required to hit the bronze card single target break point.

Team Comp for Guild Boss (Normal)

This is the best comp to use for consistent runs in Normal.

Gustav needs to be in pierce gear to maximise his passive.

If you are finding it difficult to get the boss down to 20% hp due to overkilling, use C gear to drop the damage of your support units.

Team Comp for Guild Boss (Hard)

The only difference between Normal and Hard is switching out Hellbram for Merlin.

The reason we use Merlin is because the boss ult is almost impossible to patience. We’ll be saving and utilizing Merlin attack to delay the boss ult till Gowther has 5 stacks of passive.

Her shield can also be utilized to mitigate the boss damage on Gowther. Boss damage that does not break shield will not disable Gowther passive.

You can still use Hellbram if you lack Green Merlin but you’ll have to roll perfect RNG in 3 turns (before boss ult) and at best only have 3 stacks of Gowther passive to score as high as you possibly can.

Perfect RNG

The perfect RNG consists of Gowther Gold buff, Hellbram Gold buff and Freeze 3.

You’ll need to hit all these 3 gold cards to ensure you’re doing the maximum amount of damage possible.

Thankfully with Gowther, there are numerous ways to ensure you hit this combo. We’ll be focusing specifically on utilizing Gowther rank up ability to ensure you’re able to get triple Gold with the starting cards on hand.

(Gowther rank ups)
1 Bronze + 1 Bronze + 1 Bronze

1 Silver + 1 Silver

1 Silver + 1 Bronze + 1 Bronze

1 Silver + 1 Bronze + Silver Hellbram Buff and Silver Freeze

As long as you can get any of the rank ups listed above, you will be able to hit perfect RNG in 1-2 turns.

In hard mode, you’ll be running Merlin instead of Hellbram so you can get away with just saving 2 bronze rank ups to get a gold freeze.

If you are running Hellbram in hard, you will need to get all your rank ups in turn 2 or you will run out of actions to hit perfect RNG by turn 3.

Best Food to Use

Crit Damage +20% will help increase your Jericho’s maximum damage at the end while keeping your support units and non-critical attacks generally lower. This will help keep the boss alive for as long as possible and will aid in cycling attacks while you hunt for perfect RNG.

Resistance +30% will help your Gowther patience most boss attacks. You will lose damage compared to Crit Damage food but stacking Gowther’s passive should always be your priority. Full mitigation is key to making the run less RNG reliant.

Crit Resetting has been patched out for Gboss!

Crit Resetting (does not work for Knighthood Boss Battles)

How do you crit reset? I keep closing my 7ds and trying the same cards over and over again but my Jericho never crits.

If this sounds like you then you were probably one of the few people that were told by most that crit resetting is a thing but you were never able to replicate it.

Thankfully after 20 hours straight of nonstop Guild Boss grinding, I was able to test and figure out the exact mechanic to how this is even possible.
Crit resetting occurs when you use any damage or healing cards to reset the crit rolls.

This is why you always want to setup the boss with few empty slots. This way if Jeri doesn’t end up hitting a crit, you can try different combos until she hits it.

You can even use different damage card combinations to see if your luck changes. As long as the cards have a different number of hits, then you’re able to change your outcome.

Kisa #1111 from Donut has discovered the relationship between hits and Crit resetting and has created a simple table tallying the number of hits each unit’s skill does so you can have an idea of which cards result in different outcomes. If they SHARE the number of hits, the outcome will NOT CHANGE.


Number of hits per Skill:







Make sure you close your game as fast as possible if it does not Crit. This also works on mobile as long as you’re able to go into your Home screen and force close off the game. As long as you do it fast enough, the game will prompt you to reconnect to your previous battle and you’ll return to your initial turn.

Thanks for reading through the guide and hopefully this helps you score higher 🙂

by Arfz
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