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With the release of Blue Lilia, there is a new meta to farming Red books that is faster than we’ve ever seen before. We’ll be going over the minimum stats and setup to achieve this fast comp.

This will be the fastest farming comp for a very long time since there are currently no future JP units that mimic or can replace these units. It’s also F2P friendly because Blue Guila is a SR unit whose ultimate can be easily 6/6.

Recommended Team Comp

This comp utilizes both Howzer’s passive ability to buff Human units and Lilia’s passve pierce rate to hit a threshold where Blue Guila’s bronze debuff ignite card can 1 shot the ads in turn 1 and 2. 

Blue Guila has a very high chance of getting her ultimate in turn 3 because of Merlin and her own passive. This means that you can finish the entire stage with 3 cards total. 

Maximizing your Blue Guila

Blue Guila needs an Attack set with SSR bracelet and ring with as high attack substats as possible. She needs to hit around 12.3k attack minimum with link. I would recommend trying to aim for 12.5k attack so that you won’t be affected by a lower variance roll.

Having Jericho at 6/6 with SSR gear will help you hit the threshold for attack. Getting 5/5 weapon costumes will help a lot in hitting the threshold. Prioritize any Pierce sub stats for your weapon costumes. UR > SSR > SR take priority over sub stats.

Maximizing your Howzer

Howzer can be built one of two ways. The first is full pierce which allows his skill 2 Pierce attack to 1 shot each phase. The second is full attack to ensure his ultimate can 1 shot regardless. Both have their Pros and Cons and optimizing Howzer only improves the small % of your runs where Guila does not get her ultimate or draws a debuff card. Do whichever best suits you. If your Howzer is ultimate isn’t 6/6, use pierce. If it is 6/6, use attack.

Lilia adds enough pierce to make both options viable.

Maximizing your Blue Lilia

We use Blue Lilia for her passive which increases allies pierce rate by half of her own. She isn’t ever going to have her ultimate up nor is she going to kill with her AOE attacks. If you get bad RNG, this means your card draw pulled and merged into a silver combine which the AI will prioritize over the normal card usage order of right to left.

Video Run Example

This is the best example of an average run. The turn orders and card usage is fixed turn 1 and can only change due to a few reasons. I’ll do my best to explain more in-depth explanations to the logic and reasoning to how the AI acts. 

There are more videos and run examples on my Youtube channel so feel free to check them out.

In-depth Explanations

Card usage for abilities are determined from RIGHT to LEFT. Debuffs and Silver attack cards are the only exception to the clause. Debuffs have the highest priority which is why we use Blue Guila for our main damage and silver attack cards take priority over bronze attack cards.

Ultimate usage are determined from LEFT to RIGHT positioning. This means that the way we place units matter. Guila is to the left most side to ensure that she always gets her ultimate off before Howzer. The threshold for her 1 shot ultimate is a lot less than Howzer. There’s also a high chance that she’ll get a random combine early on which will guarantee her ultimate in turn 3.

This is the average fixed turn 1 play. The AI will prioritize Lilia’s card and Howzer’s weaker AOE ability. This means that in turn 2, Howzer will always have a pierce ability available to 1 shot the ads.

Blue Guila is to the left to ensure her ultimate takes priority over Howzer. Ultimates are used based off position and not card draw. This means that whoever is on the left most side will always have the priority ultimate.

by Migi from Edenura
Written by Arfz
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