Goddess of Genesis S Review

Goddess of Genesis S is the long awaited global client for the region locked Goddess of Genesis. Though only different by one letter, that may be all the difference you notice. The game is a carbon copy of its original counterpart which brings about both its successes and flaws. Being a clone also has split the community into an even deeper divide, leaving many who hoped to see the Genesis Tarrot (gacha system) overhauled incredibly disinterested in this games release. 


Graphics – 8/10 – To many, the graphics may come off as nothing interesting, but the Goddess of Genesis S adds quite a bit of charm to each character and communicating just how unique they are. The animations are fluid, and have multiple variants depending on the speed you set them at. There are also combo moves when two units have synergy. Overall, the game brings quite a bit of polish to graphics that initially may seem rather average. The more you dig into this game, the more you will actually come to enjoy the way the graphics bring you into Goddess of Genesis’s world building. 

Story – 5/10 – If you like text based stories with little to no effort in communication stylization, Goddess of Genesis S actually has a rather interesting narrative. However, because the story seems to be an after though in terms of UX and design, it loses some points in what otherwise would have been an above average rating. 

Progression – 8/10 – This game does JRPG progression systems very well. There are a multitude of unique and strategic ways to prioritize resources to get the most out of every unit. Even though there is closer to 10 unique progression systems that affect the overall playstyle and impact of your character, the game does each of them in a intuitive fashion making a complex system rather simple. 

Gameplay – 7/10 – Make no two qualms about it, this is a JRPG through and through. You can expect the standard turn based combat with the same types of turn based character archtypes. However, the game does a really good job with its synergy and mana system which gives some freshness to a rather bland playstyle. You will often find yourself debating between which units make the most sense in your party and even at the top end of the meta, there doesn’t appear to be a one comp beats all type of meta. 

Uniqueness – 6/10 – The games premises is overall average, without its graphical charm and progression systems, Goddess of Genesis S would be a rather cookie cutter JRPG. But, there is enough changes and appeal here to not only warrant a play through, but maybe even some investment. 

Monetization – 5/10 – The largest knock on this games monetization is the use of Genesis Tarots which is a banner exclusive summon currency. Making characters locked behind a paywall is a huge turn off for the majority of the Gacha community. There are ways to farm a very small amount of Genesis Tarots with limited events, but it is never enough to actually be meaningful in character collecting. Outside of that, the packages and free summons offered in the game are actually above average. If they resolved the Genesis Tarots issue, and made everything one currency, you would actually see this rating at an 8.

Community – 5/10 – The verdict is still out on the games community. With what started as a modest amount of hype, the games socials are actually increasing in interest. The numbers will not jump off the chart at you, but because there seems to be ample engagement, the community slots at a healthy 5 out of 10. 

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