Goddess of Genesis: Reroll & Tier List

Should You Reroll?

Yes. Having a good start is amazing unless you are going to whale it again. The reroll does not take that long and can help you in the long run, especially as a F2P. This game is not as generous with currency as many other games, so by rerolling you save a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Also, if Global follows SEA, then all rate-up banners are Cash-Only.

You get 10 tickets from Pre-Reg, which guarantees 1 of these SSRs: Valkyrie, Michael, Gabriel. These SSRs are all decent and can be used, but Michael and Gabriel fall off mid game while Valkyrie remains as one of the best tanks in Game.

After clearing Map 1, you will get 9 more tickets. You can buy the last ticket and roll another 10.

Good SSRs for rerolling: Dracula, Lilith, Merlin, Lucifer, Hades.

New Hero Appearance

New heroes releasing order in SEA as of now: Artemis (Dark archer) -> Joan (Light tank) -> Mulan (Fire Warrior) -> Freya (Dark Mage) -> Hestia (Fire Priest) -> Gaia (Earth Warrior) -> Twins Sariel & Sera (Dark Assassin) ->  Daphne (Water Archer) -> Siren (Water Priest) -> Dragon Princess (Light Assassin).

They changed the order a bit from the CN/TW version so don’t expect Global server will go with this same order.

Light and Dark meta are just so strong at end-game that they will be able to crush through all contents. 

How Pity Works

You’re guaranteed to pull a SSR after 50 pulls on any hero banners, so use 49 pulls (destiny tarots + starstones) on normal banner and 1 genesis tarot (paid/event ticket) on the banner you want to get the banner hero.


– Daily free pull also counted.

– Pulling on gear banner won’t be counted on the pity meter.

– Important: If you got any SSR hero during the normal pulls, the pity will reset and you have to redo the process again.

– If you want to be safer or you have some spare genesis tarots to spend, just use as many genesis tarots as you want when the meter is near. I recommend using 45 destiny tarots and then 5 genesis ones (or even 40 + 10).

If you got any SSR in a 10-pull, remember to count those come after in the new pity too. For example, if you got:

                                                                                       x x x Michael x x x x x x

Then you have 6 in your pity meter. Remember to keep track of this.

Goddess of Genesis Tier List

End Game Tier List

Source on image.

Tier Lists are subjected to opinions and should not be taken too seriously. Most units are usable as long as you build them right and you can still clear all content without a specific unit.

Should You Roll For Equipment?

Let’s assume you are a small spender or F2P, as this should not even be a question for whales or even dolphins.

For F2P, rolling for units is slightly more important during the early stages, and small spenders can spare a bit for rolling equipment as they are vital in the game. If you had a good reroll, you can concentrate on rolling equipment as saving up to roll for extra heroes that you don’t use might not be as good as rolling for SSR equipment. Even though you get equipment from shop and event, they are not enough for you even for the early stages of the game.

Early Game Team Building

Having a good team can help you clear the game faster and advance in the story. Elemental bonuses also help a lot in battles.

Elemental bonusses:

  • Fire: 3/5 fire units in team give 15%/30% Crit.
  • Earth: 3/5 earth units in team give 15%/30% Block.
  • Water: 3/5 water units in team give 10%/20% M.Dodge and P.Dodge. 

For early game, fire team starts off strong, but you want to build Light/Dark team eventually for end game. Here are some good early game team builds for all new players.

Team 1

5 fire units + 3 earth support units

Elemental bonus: Crit +30%; Block + 15%

Main team: Dracula + Valkyrie + Cleopatra + Venus + Lucifer

Support Team: Apollo + Little Red + Michael

Team 2

5 fire units + 3 water support units

Elemental bonus: Crit + 30%; P.Dodge + 10%, M.Dodge + 10%

Main Team: Michael + Gabriel + Hattori Hanzo + Abe no Seimei + Apollo

Support Team: Cupid + Venus + Dracula

Team 3

5 earth units + 3 fire support units

Elemental bonus: Crit +15%; Block + 30%

Main team:  Lucifer + Medusa + Athena + Loki + Dracula

Support team: Apollo + Michael + Valkyrie

by Evenil & Henry
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